Obaseki, The Fall Of A Humbugged, Deluded Political Bounder And Ingrate

It would have surprised me to the limit if Obaseki’s political odyssey did not crash the way it did yesterday with the disqualification of the thankless political son of Adams Oshiomhole, the APC chairman.


I knew it would come but never expected it so soon. I thought they would disgrace him in the primary as they did to the equally disrespectful and giddy former governor of Lagos state.

It surprises me how some people have such blondness when you know you have so many educational skeletons in your cupboard. Why would you go to a gun battle with a knife?

Why would you take on a man who has your scrotum in his hands? And on moral ground, why would you go to battle with a man who brought you from nowhere to govern a sophisticated state like Edo.

You had D 7.5 in English and Mathematics combined with an HSC certificate which Nigeria had forgotten since 1973. Lazy punk.

Instead of rewriting his O level, he went to attend a bold-off Higher Education Center in Benin when there are top-of-the shelf schools like Government College and Hussey College in Warri.

You patch-patch all this, as they say in Warri, and got admission to UI to get a degree only to take arms against the man who cooked all this up with you. Some stupidity. The moment APC published the certificates. I knew he was down and out.


Where did he think the votes would come from, even if APC fields him? Will the votes come from the 14 constituencies he denied seats in the House Of Assembly?

Those people would have voted PDP not because they like PDP but because they detest Obaseki. Students of politics call it a protest vote.

So which way for Obaseki now? Some people are suggesting PDP and I say yes, but only as a party member, not as a gubernatorial candidate.

If PDP gives him the ticket and wins, APC will kick him out in the tribunal with the certificate hassles they used to disqualify him. Yes, PDP will take his money hoping to use it to destabilize APC. but unfortunately, that is how far he can go.


As it is now, Obaseki is a political liability that will grossly distort the balance sheet of any political party that fields him as their gubernatorial candidate. It is tantamount to giving APC a free ride.

Head or tail, Obaseki is a goner politically.

The lessons here are legion.

  1. Those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones.
  2. You never bite the finger that fed you.
  3. You don’t overshadow the master.
  4. When you are fighting, know when to retreat.
  5. You don’t fight too many battles at a time. Obaseki’s problem was not only with Oshiomhole but many party leaders including the 14 House of Assembly members he denied their chairs in the house.
  6. Money sometimes is of no use but ‘Omoluabi’ matters every time.
  7. Any river that forgets its source will dry up.

Those climbing the political ladder or any success ladder should learn from the experience of Omoboriowo in former Ondo state, Ambode in Lagos State, and now Obaseki in Edo.

I detest ingrates and traitors with a passion that makes me not to have a drop of tear for Obaseki.

Bye-bye, Obaseki, the ingrate-in-Chief.

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