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Penis Enlargement Bible

Net No 1 on penis enlargement. More than 5000 copies sold with live demostration and verifyable proof. See the proof and demostration here.



How To Enlarge Your Penis Naturally.

Review Of Three Top Penis Enlargement Books.

To enlarge peni size is no rocket science as many may want you to believe. It is possible to naturally increase the length of your peni by 3 inches and also the girth in a very short period.

But if you are like many who want to increase their dick size, the natural thing is to open your tablet and hit the internet and when this happens, you are faced with many options which may leave you more confused than you were at the beginning. Do they all work? No, if they do there won’t be any need for what you are reading here.

Once on the internet, you are bombarded with options which may be summarized as follows.

Here we will discuss the different methods and review the top 3 books on how to permanently increase the size of your penis. Believe me, you can achieve a pronounced increase in the size of your penis using the natural method.

Let us discuss each of the methods.

Peni increasing pills are made of growth hormones which make your body grow in several directions. Yes you may experience a little peni growth and you may not. The worst is, you become a slave to pills and at the end of the day you may end up with more problems than you had. Not being able to walk naturally and may become nauseous after meals and even experience difficulty to pass urine.

Extenders work on the belief that if you pull your peni for a long time it will increase in size. You may pull it till next year, it won’t change anything. Come to think of it, is it possible to increase the length of your finger or neck by pulling them? No. So those contraptions you are asked to attach to your member and pull it do not do much, they end up wasting your time and money.

Well surgery? Do I need to tell you that this will be painful and expensive even as you are not sure your peni will increase? Even if you are lucky to have some fractions of an inch peni increase, you will have to be on bed rest for a month or more when you will need a person to help you to the gents.

Even at that, you will be doing all this in pains. Is it worth it when you can increase your machine’s size naturally? No, if I were you I won’t subject my prick to the scalpel. It is too risky; you might even lose it completely as all operations are 50.50 as medics will tell you.

So What Next?
So you are left with Biochemical peni enlargement which may not show up in your search on the internet because it is not hyped as others above.


1.The Penis enlargement Bible Method

During puberty our body experiences a lot of quick changes which may even make our body looks like a stranger to us. We feel irritated at times. During this period, the growth hormone secreted by the body makes our peni grow and create a chain extending throughout the body.

penis enlargement bible
penis enlargement bible

This chain made up of hormones and nutrients make sure the necessary growth takes place. At a stage after puberty these hormones, biochemicals are cut off from the chain and become inactive. However, they still remain in the blood, but dormant. Which means like a bank dormant account hey can be re-activated.

Now, with Penis Enlargement Bible Program, these hormones and nutrients are activated again and you can get a natural increase in your peni size.

The Biochemical method correlate the inside with the external products which must take place before you get an increase in your penis size. This is the crux of this method and this is where it is different from all other methods which keep hammering on the external and neglecting the internal.

Does it not make sense to relate to the internal to have an effect on the external, after all the peni grew from inside?

That is where you cannot go wrong with this method which harmonizes the inside with the outside to give you a natural increase in your peni without pains, and stress and costing little to nothing.


What You Will Like About This method.
Many believe you can increase the size of your peni through exercising it. Yes, you can get some fringe increment, but again, it is 50.50. But again, ordinarily exercising the peni alone is focusing on one side and neglecting the other.

But the moment you involve the hormone and the nutrients by using the scientifically tested Penis Enlargement Bible therapy, you then add simple exercises to get the desired result. Doesn’t this sound sensible? Yes, it does.

What many will like most about this method is that there are no restrictions on the number of times you can repeat the process until you get your desired result.

Once you have perfected the method you just rinse and repeat. Satisfied users have reported 4 inch increase and that is not the limit.

Just stick to the program and what you are told to do, you will get your desired peni increase. And at record time too.


This Method Is Not Magic.
Hear this. This method is no magic; it is not the fly-by-the-night miracle peni increase programs out there. It takes about 8 to 9 weeks to have appreciable result but it is worth it at the end of the day when you have a 9 inch machine dangling between your thighs.

All the babies will be all yours because once they taste it they get glued to you and you become the envy of other men wondering what the hell is happening?

So if you really desire to have a 9 ins dick and thrill the girls all the time and become the envy of other men and are willing to put in a little work to get changes to make you confident to enter into bed with any woman, you have reached the last bus-stop.

Getting Penis Enlargement bible, as thousands have found out, may be one of the best investments you will ever make.
How Does Penis Enlargement Bible Stand Out?

  • Penis Enlargement Bible, is without doubt the number one selling eBook on Penis enlargement on the net. Straight to the point without fluffs.


  • It has helped more than 5000 men with small penis getting bigger rods and more satisfying sex.
  • It does all what others claim to do and more.


  • The main difference between this book and others is that it treats both the inside and the outside. It sets off some biochemical processes which makes the penis increase in size and supplements this with exercises and supplements you can get on the counter.

On the other hand, other books just deal with exercises. Agreed, users of these books get some increase, but not in any way compared to what the users of the Penis Enlargement Bible experience..

  • This book is the only penis enlargement product on the internet with a video testimony. Not oral testimony, but moving photo testimony.
  • But to me the biggest attraction is that it is written by a group led by a medic  who stakes integrity by attaching photographs. Now, no medic will stake his license on a product which does not work.

My Take.

With a gravity of 93 and being the most popular on the net, I would rather stay with the crowd.

Download Penis Enlargement Bible

  1. Penis Growth Guide

This books works on the principle that there are two layers connective tissue called the Tunica Albuginea which restricts the growth of the penis from its present status during erection.In addition to this you have some specific ligaments in the corpus cavemosa which acts to keep the penis in place.


All one needs to do is to learn how to understand how to make good use of them
To increase the size of the penis you have to know how to put the right kind of pressures on these

If you can train your muscles to be bigger, you certainly can train your penis to be bigger.
Penis growth guide gives you the training to do just that.
Of course, having done that you have more control on your stamina and overall performance.
With this book you also get bonuses including one on how to have a hotter sex. You get to learn about positions and tricks to make your woman getting to the top of sexual ecstasy.

My Take.

If a book has this gravity with clickbank, it means some people find it useful. This is understandable because exercises have been proven to strengthen muscles and make them bigger. Now, if he penis is made of muscles which we all know it is made of, then naturally exercises will make it bigger.

But this exactly is my problem with Penis Growth Guide. It concentrates only on exercises which is only one leg of a two-legged problem. What of the inside? On the other hand, the #1 on clickbank, the Penis Enlargement Bible deals with both inside and outside.

Download Penis Growth Guide


  1. Penis Exercises.

Penis Exercises by Rob Michael is a top penis enlargement book on amazon. It exposes the secret now known to many that regular and controlled simple exercises can increase the size of your penis.
Many have gotten 0.5 to 1.0 increase in length of the penis and an appreciable increase in girth.
An of course with these exercises the muscles around the pelvis become stronger and more turgid. The result is that you can control better your ejaculation and perform better and longer in bed.

penis exercises
penis exercises

My Take.

The problem I have with this book like many of its kind is that it dwells only on exercises whereas it has been proved that you can get better result when some chemical processes are set  in motion with natural resources and supplements.

This book treats only a leg of a two-legged problem.
Again, like many books of its kind in the Amazon, it is too academic. It’s more of a textbook than a problem solving eBook which goes straight to the problem and tackle it. A whopping 294 pages may not be ideal for a man who wants his prick increased sooner than later.

Download Penis Exercises.




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