Quail Farming, Why You Must Do It?

See Why Quail Farming Is Lucrative.


Quail Farming, Why You Must Do It?

Quail farming is an uncommon farming business in Nigeria, but the few people that have embraced it are not only smiling to the banks, they are also enjoying both the nutritional and health values derived from consuming it.

Quail Is Taking Over
Considering the large number of poultry farmers in Kaduna that have embraced quail farming, it is no doubt one booming farming business that is gradually taking over chicken poultry business in most parts of the north. The high rate of returns and low cost of investment as well rearing them are some of the reasons many farmers are fast resorting to quail farming. In Zaria alone, there are more than 50 farms where quail are reared and sold.

Early Maturity
The fact that the birds grow and reach maturity stage faster and lay eggs within two months, compared with the six-month maturity period of chickens for whether egg-laying or consumption, attract them to farmers who see the business as a better and more sustainable investment to explore.
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IMG 20190529 115259
IMG 20190529 115259

Market Is Large
For market surveys both in Zaria and Kaduna, a female quail bird sells for N500 while the male goes for between N250 and N300. Its speckled eggs go for between N20 and N25. The bird’s high nutritional and market value encourage many chicken poultry farmers to abandon the business of quail farming. The NEWS gathered that these financial and health benefits, especially the high and quick returns on investment, largely explained farmers’ rush into the business in Jos where it first started, and in Kano, Kaduna and other states in the north where it is booming now.

Southerners Can Do It Too
However it is very difficult for people in the southwest who wish to go into quail farming due to the problem of getting quail chicks for starting. Good news the problem has now been solved because you can easily get it now in Ibadan. I started the business just three months ago but glory be to God I earn nothing less than 2000 Naira every day.

• It is very easy to maintain
• It is not capital intensive compare to poultry farming
• High return in a very short time (quail start laying at 45 days old)
• It requires small space
• Quail egg are now recommended in the hospital which makes a good business
• Acquire a strong immunity system and improve metabolism.
• Contain important quantity of calcium easy to assimilate.
• Help healing gastritis, ulcer.
• Increase hemoglobin level, remove heavy metals, toxins from blood.
• Help in the treatment of tuberculosis, asthma,. Diabetes
• Contain ovomucoid protein, used in the production of anti allergic drugs.
• Help inhibit cancerous growth.
• Help eliminate and remove stones from liver, kidneys and the bladder.
• Stimulate intellectual activity.
• May accelerate recuperation after blood stroke and help strengthen heart muscles.
• Are a powerful stimulant of intimate potency. They nourish the prostate gland with useful substances, phosphorus, proteins and vitamins and therefore help restore intimate potency.
This article was written by Taiwo on Nairaland He is at profindeed@yahoo.com

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IMG 20200221 WA0002


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