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  • Satire As Double Wahala For Daddy G.O.

    Prof. Olatunji Dare

    Prof. Olatunji Dare

    Olatunji Dare, a professor of Mass Communication and The Nations celebrated columnist is arguably Nigeria’s number one satirist. His satires while with The Guardian had gotten him into hot water several times.

    I remember when some self-appointed ladies ombudsmen in NTA gave themselves the assignment of vetting and criticising writings in the Newspapers. I am no more certain now but I think , one day, they were unfortunate to pick on Dare and even more unfortunate to have picked a satire of his. They really messed up big time as they misunderstood the satire and the whole literary word took them to the cleaners.

    Their bosses immediately yanked off the programme and rightly so, because, If you could not decipher a simple satire, what kind of grammar ombudsman are you. The professor himself called them ‘the dour duo’  Couldn’t have forgotten that

    Now, the professor is in yet another trouble, this time for his satire titled “Buhari’s Double”in The Nation of 27th November which our Daddy GO got all wrong. The columnist had to take some paper space on the 5th of December to explain himself “authoritatively” as this was the word the GO hammered on.

    Some recap for my readers. Dare had written a satire to mock those spreading the ridiculous lie that a Buhari clone called Jubrin from Sudan is the person ruling Nigeria and sleeping in ”the  other room” with Aisha. In the satire, the prof. said ‘authoritatively’ that the family of Jubrin from Sudan had come to Aso-Rock to demand for a share of our patrimony in perpetuity  and 50% of our oil revenues for 10years for a start for using their son as our Commander in chief. And should we refuse, they will tell the story to the world. Nauseating.

    This was the satire latched on by daddy GO to denigrate the person of the president and Nigerians in general wandering whether we are now a nation of fools. Of course we are not, because many intelligent Nigerians saw that write-up as what it is, a satire. And millions of us know that our president is retired General  Muhammadu Buhari from Daura in Nigeria and not one imaginary Jubrin manufactured by Nnamidi Kanu for PDP.

    You may want to watch daddy GO video here

    I respect daddy GO a lot, especially when  you remember he came from  a very humble beginning to build the behemoth that his church is today, but this action of his is the lowest low anybody can get. It is crestfallen, discouraging and disappointing.

     Bishop Oyedepo

    Bishop Oyedepo

    Daddy holds a doctorate in addition to owning two universities and there are hundreds of professors in the church who should have prevented  such a sermon to come to the cyber space, a sermon that has made the man of God a butt of all kinds of joke on the internet. Some are even questioning his cerebral capacity and how he could have such huge followers with such reasoning.

    If daddy does not understand the satire in most part of the write up, the part that says Jubrin family had come from Sudan to ask for 50% of Nigeria should have let the cat out of the bag.

    I do not want to believe that daddy  would find it difficult to recognise a satire because he himself is a writer of repute. Besides his weekly column in The Nation and many books he had churned out, I don’t think there is any Nigerian with more books than him on Amazon.

    I suspect this sermon must have been prepared for him by a trusted ally who is equally anti-Buhrahi but unfortunately a dullard. The more I watch the video, the more convinced of this I am. Notice how he was virtually reading from the paper.

    Besides, with an open mind, daddy would not have had difficulty in getting the fun poked in this satire but regrettably, daddy GO’s mind is tainted against this government and Buhari in particular. We all know that.

    He believed what he wanted to believe. He read what he wanted to read about Buhari and so when a seasoned writer was using satire to ridicule the silly and facetious people peddling this lie, he couldn’t see the fun in it. It is called selective perception in Marketing but digital boys call it selective amnesia.

    He is entitled to detest any government and any person and there are lorry loads of reasons to dislike this government. It is within his right and nobody can take that from him but daddy is wrong to have used Gods podium to spread falsehood because this is what that sermon was.

    He should not have allowed  his hatred for Buhari to becloud his judgement as to lap up and lick  a satire to ridicule the president which has now tuned a joke on him.. Its so unfortunate.

    Is he alone in this? No.

    Image result for archbisop okogie

    Orchbisop Okogie

    My take is that most Christian leaders have failed in their duty of speaking truth to power in this dispensation. Where are the Okojes, where are The Gbonigis? The church had been politicised and commercialised.

    Many of them are using Jesus name to fleece the people. They don’t want to hurt the offering boxes and so they keep quiet when they should speak the truth  and when they speak at all, they are so petty and partisan that a six year old will detect  their deceit.

    They collect tithes from the poor to build universities for the children of the rich. They predict positive election results for both sides depending on where their bread is buttered. It is sickening.

    They ride most expensive cars, fly in Private jets and yet Leah Sharibu is still in Boko-haram captivity for lack of 100million ransom money. If Evans had kidnapped one of them and asked for 1bllion naira ransom, they would pay pronto. They are not bothered because the girl is not their daughter.

    The other day one, of them was angry because he was not rated the richest preacher in Nigeria which he believed was his right. I saw him on the TV complaining and bragging about his worth even if he is not given the credit. Some arrogance and don’t know where in the Bible he got that from. Jesus was so humble, so meek and full of humility. What has befallen these ones?

    They should  stay out of partisan politics and say only the truth to  power, but if  they want to be in partisan politics, the field is large enough. Let them print and paste their posters but they should know that we will dig their past, subject their present to a microscopic study and predict their future. But first, they should drop the white collars and bibles for cutlasses and Olonde because they will need them.Image result for pulpit

    However, if they think they can eat their yam and pounded yam at the same time by using the church for their political aggrandisement they will be shocked. We are not going to allow them to turn our synagogues to thuggery classes and turn revivals to campaign rallies.

    The pupilt in the church is for truth and not propaganda.





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