See How DJs Are Loading Their Bank Acconnts With Naira


Nigerians must celebrate one thing or the other. New arrivals are lavishly christened, houses are warmed and you have graduation and burial ceremonies of dead ones.

When bands are not invited, the DJ is the next option. Some DJs today even sing praises of celebrant for spraying. It did not use to be like that but the idea has been accepted.

The first requisite is that you must have a flair for this job. A shy person cannot do it. To set up, you will need an amplifier, a set of big speakers, a playing  tape,  some  microphones  and  a  generator  set  in  case  PHCN strikes.

Some DJs even have more than two speakers to the extent that when they set up, you would think a musician is playing.

One played at a party I attended with a set-up like a celebrated musician.

He had about four standing microphones and the quality of the music coming out was top of the drawer type.

He even had two dancers and he himself was not left out. I was not surprised to see the guy driving away in the morning in a Benz. The guy has done what I preach always, he has added class to commercial DJ.

What you charge of course depends on what you are offering and where. A DJ producing mono sound that is hardly audible cannot charge as the one belting out high quality stereo sound.

It is normal to add food and drinks separately from the charges. One advantage of this business is that you will know people and with time, you become a celebrity.

Femi Otedola’s daughter is a DJ. She performed during Buhari’s inauguration.

MARKETING.  You  will  need  business  cards  and  contacts.  To quicken your journey you may need managers and promoters who will be getting outings for you on commission.

Treat these people well. When you get a chance, seize it and perform brilliantly for word of mouth recommendation, which is the best form of promotion.

CAVEAT. Arrive on time for functions and do not double deal.

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Jide Omiyale


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