See How Dogs Make Them Money And How You Too Can.


Yes, you heard me right, dog rearing for security and not for slaughtering. Even  the  rich  are  into  this.  We  are  talking  about  the  Rottweilers, Bulldogs, Alsatians, Collies, Boxers,   Labrador, Golden Retrievers and the rest of them.

No robber will dare enter a compound with two ferocious Alsatians. No, they dare not. Increasingly, rich Nigerians are entrusting their security into the hands of God and Dogs. Dogs are the most loyal of animals, more loyal than men are.

If a dog is unhappy with you he lets you know immediately and you cannot bribe him. When Chief Bola Ige was murdered in Ibadan, he had more than six security men. They all went to eat at the same time, Dogs do not do that. The man who will kill you will give you the biggest smile.

Besides using dogs for security, Nigerians are getting used to them as pets. Now do you know a Bulldog puppy can go for as high as N40,000. You do not believe me? Next time you see young men holding puppies for sale on elite roads ask them for the price of one.

If you are in love with dogs and I don’t see why not, this is a business for you. You build their Kennels with blocks joined to the fence.  Build two or three for a start and I do not have to tell you the kennels have to be ventilated.

For a start, do not buy a male.   For a fee go and cross the females from a good source where they have a strong male.

The saying that your piglets are as good as the boar is true of dogs too. When they procreate and you have enough money, you can then get a male from far away.

Dogs  of  the  same  parentage  must  not  cross.  If  they  do,  the offspring will not be strong and they may all die. The agric people call this inbreeding.

Now, if six dogs procreate for you 5 puppies each that is 30 puppies and at N40,000. you get N1.20m. If this is not money, I do not know what is.

Remember, dogs eat what men eat. You must arrange for a veterinary doctor to visit them now and then. Actually, I will advise you get your seed through the vet or the one he recommends.

CAVEAT. You must ensure you buy healthy dogs for your seed stock. As  a  beginner,  you  will  need  the  assistance  of  experienced  people. Another thing is that you must feed them well to get good result.

Do not forget this, inseminate them for rabies and keep strangers out of reach and these   include your siblings not familiar with them. Hounds are never friendly with those who do not feed them.

Keep them in their kennels in the day and let them out when everybody is in. First thing in the morning, send them back into their kennels.

Some people only feed them in the day but this may not apply to crossed female dogs.

I cannot say this too much, like all new ventures, get a mentor.

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