See How Fast Food Business May Kill You Fast


I agree that the title on this site are businesses you can do but I am afraid, this is one business that I will have to tell you to stay off if you do not have the necessary capital and expertise.

To  Nigerians, if  it  is  not  Mr  Biggs  It  is  not  Mr  Biggs. If  it  is  not Tantalizer, it is not. Nigerians will not take a step lower than the standard set by these  forerunners. I am saying this because the temptation is there to say you want to try this business with a couple of millions.

Thinking that, having tasty rice and meat pie in an air-conditioned place at a lower price will bring the customers. No, it will not. I know because I have had my fingers burnt once in this business and I know at least three others who suffered the same fate.

We all thought the same way. Do something for those at the lower level and have a slice. It does not work out like that.

On the other hand, if you can raise enough capital and a good team with delicious recipes, there is no limit to where you can get. That is why the new entrants with enough financial muscles are having their slice.

I must tell you this; UAC is there today mainly because Mr Biggs is doing very well. (These days UAC is downplaying the Mr Biggs brand by calling their joints UAC food court just because the child is overshadowing the father.

This business is about having a unique distinctive taste, the money for the equipment and the necessary key staffs. For the workers, you will have to do what is called executive poaching.

This is employing those already in the business. There is nothing wrong with this; it is done everywhere, everyday, especially in journalism.

Having gotten all these, you have to get a good location. It is not by accident that you see Mr Biggs in those conspicuous places, it is by design.

Similarly, others joining them there are for strategic reasons. So you can be sure that if Tantalizer is doing well in a place, within 24 months or thereabout  you will see Mr Biggs and vice versa.

A common practice in the trade is to employ the services of a consultant to start you up. I must warn again, this is not a business for two or three million Naira because to get a good location can take twice as much. It should not be confused with snack bar business. It is a market for those at the top of the economic ladder. No compromise.

MARKETING: No advertisement for a start. Well sited, a blind man cannot  miss  it.  On  opening  day,  give  free  snacks  to  early  arrivals. Staffers have to be very courteous to customers. People cannot make theirmoney under stress and expect them to spend it under stress.

No matter how good a staffer is, if found to be rude to customers, he should be shown the door, except you can use such person where he will not serve customers directly.

CAVEAT: Do not try to serve yesterday food by any means.  Do not laugh; it has happened in one of the big ones outlet before.


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