See How To Make Money From Computer School


The number of Nigerians that are going to be computer literate will increase tremendously in the next few years.

Employers are putting pressure on workers to be computer literate and even internet literate. Some companies have started conducting interviews via internet.

Employers hardly offer jobs to people who are not computer literate these days. It has already become a statutory symbol to be computer literate.

In effect, establishing a computer training school is and will be good business in the years to come.

Your outfit has to be in an open place but does not necessarily have to be a shop. A three bedroom flat in a busy commercial area will do. If you do not have much money, you can start with a room.

It is better if you are computer literate yourself but if you are not you can hire one who is. A couple of Personal Computers will start you off.

While doing it, you can take typesetting job, even though we do not advise to combine a business centre with a computer school.

They are two different businesses.  Your potential students are secondary school students, workers and school leavers who cannot get admission and looking for a  profession.

Charges depend on time  and the depth the student wishes to go. Generally, you can make a decent living. It is not uncommon to carry your training to companies and organisations where you train their workers.

Marketing. Posters, handbills and advertisement in local radio and newspaper will do. If you train them properly, words of mouth recommendation helps.

Of course, you must have a signboard in front of your place. Assist your students to get work or to set up a typesetting centre if not a business centre.

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