See How To use Food To Create Wealth


See How To use Food To Create Wealth

This is different from cafeteria even though both may be combined and people do. We are talking about the business of taking catering to the people as against people coming to the canteen to eat. The caterers are the people that prepare food for parties, conferences, seminars, meetings and so on.

The clientele is legion. For example, we will always have old parents to bury, marriages to cement, houses to warm and chieftaincy titles to mark.

Consultants will hold seminars and big organisation will have meetings and parties to hold even as many of them do not serve food at their annual general meetings. All the ceremonies mentioned earlier on will require food to be prepared and the caterers make this happen.

For now, old and married women are very common doing this job but I do not know why young graduates cannot do it. As for me, I would prefer to give such job to a dashing young lady or man to giving it to a grandma.

By the time you are 40, you have made enough money and you are retired or move to something else.

The first requisite is that you have to know how to make a delicious meal and a variety of them too to cover a wider ground. The equipment needed are serving plates, coolers of various sizes and cutleries.

Your workers must be neat in their overalls and they must be courteous while serving guests. You will need a shop in a place trafficked by wealthy people where you exhibit your wares to let them know your trade.

Charges depend on where, when, what and who. If you are cooking for Zenith Bank, you will certainly charge them higher than working for me for instance. You will charge higher for two cows than one.

If you are based in Lagos and you are going to work in Abuja, you will have to include the cost of accommodation and transportation. Therefore, it depends. Liaise with others in the trade to know what is happening.

You will need this association as they may contract job to you when their hands are filled up.

In this business, you have some free food to eat and even take home, you get to know people and then you make good money.

For labour, you use undergraduates and young people looking for extras. You pay them for the parties they work not on a monthly basis except the administrative staffers.

Besides, your own children and siblings come in handy when they are around when you start to have them that is.

MARKETING.  The  best  way  to  advertise  is  to  prepare  salivating meals. Support this with a beautiful business card, strategic location and pretty signboard. You may add radio advert as well when you are getting big.

Please make sure the MC gives you compliment and recognition in the party. If there is a band playing let him sing some nice things about you. Seek friends in the right circles. If you join a social club like your city’s recreation club or army and police officers mess, it helps.

CAVEAT. Let your food arrive on time and hot. You do not want to be like the caterer for a party I attended the other day who brought food only when half the guests had gone in annoyance. This is food, please ensure a high standard of hygiene. If your principal says you should not take his food home, please do not and ensure your hands do not too.

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