See How Vegetable Farming Make Them Rich

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Vegetables makeup more than 50% of what we eat. What with the western influence and claims that total health resides with vegetables.

That is why even in the villages, people are eating Water Mellon, carrots, Cabbage,Broccoli  and all the rest. Its time you make money of it too.

As it is a large size of the vegetables are imported.


And you make the kill during the dry season.

When I was in higher institution, I read a book that sounded like make million on a plot of land doing vegetable gardening throughout the year.

What the writer was saying is that, one could be rich cultivating vegetable throughout the year and he tried to show how to do it.

Because I was spending somebody else’s money, I did not bother than.

Now that some people are spending my own money, I considered the idea and I researched it. My findings? The man was right.

It is amazing the amount of  money one  can  make  through this  medium but  unfortunately, we ignore it. During the dry season, it is a goldmine.

The Book Every Family Should Have.

All you need do is to find a site close to the river and a water pump.If you cannot get one, you can use watering cans.

If you have the money, you can do it where there is no river by having a well.

This business can be done in the village provided it is accessible by road. The sellers in the city will fight one another to buy your products.


Vegetable sellers from Ibadan go to as far as Ekiti state to buy vegetable. I swear, one dry season practice on an acre of land will get you a Tokunbo car.

Some of these vegetable   mature in 21 days and as you harvest them you replant. No serious weeding.

You just walk through and hand pick. If you live  around  Festac  in  Lagos,  you  must  have  seen  them.  Do  not  be deceived by their dirty clothes, they are making good money.

No overheads as the sellers come to the farm. Vegetable gardening may not be so profitable in the raining season as the supply is abundant. Some even get vegetable where they did not plant.


Make the little you can make during this period and make the kill during the dry season.

The idea is to farm it throughout the year. If you do not have the knowledge, you can tap from the practising farmers at little or no cost. Please see pumpkin for marketing and caveat.

Read The Book That Made Many Rich.


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