Seyi  Makinde On The Starting Block.

seyi makinde
seyi makinde

Seyi  Makinde On The Starting Block.

Having overcome the initial shock of clumsy Public address system, Seyi Makinke, an Engineer launched his governance to a beautiful beginning yesterday at the ancient Liberty stadium yesterday.

Before reading his prepared address he apologised for the shoddy sitting arrangement at the stadium and the state box in particular. The arrangement was not only wobbled, it was also chaotic. It took the governor himself several minutes to access his seat.

Let’s not heap too much blame the organizers, they were overwhelmed.  The crowd was unprecedented.  I have never witnessed a living man being honoured as such. Every available space was taken, and we are not talking only about the seats but the playing feed as well.

Seyi Makinde said and I quote ‘I apologise for the sloppy sitting arrangement today but I accept the responsibility’. That is how it should be, you delegate authority but not responsibility and somewhere during the, he said we should hold him accountable for all the deeds of the government. He knows and said so, the bulk stops on his table.

seyi makinde
seyi makinde

Highlights Of The Speech.

  • We will take tough decisions and we expect your cooperation. Yes he needs to take tough decisions and he is honest enough to say so.
  • N3000 school fees cancelled.
  • Special attention to education generally. 10% of the budget promised.
  • LAUTECH to be given preference with the ultimate aim of acquiring it.
  • Industry and commerce already off the block as the state was playing host to a delegation from Botswana already.
  • On N30000 minimum wage. He believes in Federating units and each state should be allowed to pay what her economy could sustain. For now, the state could not pay the recommended minimum wage but with what is going to be set in motion to generate revenue, the state may even pay more.
  • Government will reduce overheads and waste.
  • Freedom Bridge in the Secretariat opened to the public.
  • Cases of those who think they have been wrongly terminated will be revisited
  • Agriculture to be given attention as government will assist in marketing of products
  • Inclusive governance not recognizing religious and political party divides.
  • His government will face the future rather than the past; giving a hint he is not ready to probe anybody.IMG 20190529 115259
    seyi maklinde crowd
    seyi maklinde crowd

    IMG 20190529 115259

One thing crossed my mind yesterday. Under the simple look may be a stern and no-nonsense personality. When he was doing the honour parade, some overzealous fans spayed him with some water as a symbol of Omititun. You should have seen the look on his face and  I am sure those who handled the sloppy public address system must have had a share of his tongue.

It was a pretty good start, may the Governor end well.

Oyo o ni baje o.


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