Small Business: Do You Own It Or It Owns You?


Small Business: Do You Own It Or It Owns You?

Anyone who has ever had their own little business can testify that at a stage they eventually asked themselves, “Do I possess this business, or does it own me?” Getting a little business off the ground is an all-devouring undertaking. There doesn’t appear to be any room left in life for anything else besides the little business.


I’m not certain that amid the initial few weeks and months of operation, there is any way that a little business will not consume the timeĀ  and resources of the owner entirely if he wants to succeed..

It requires significant investment and it takes thought, commitment, and enthusiasm to get any little business to fly. However, once the little business has taken off, there are avenues in which you can start to recover different parts of your life.


Before you even begin to open another little business, you have to sit your family down and guarantee that you have their full participation and co-operation. You have to disclose to them that you won’t be going to ball games or parties. There won’t be any evenings out on the town, and you’ll likely miss a Granny’s 100th birthday party, as well.

Also, even if you manage to get yourself to a social gathering your mind won’t be there. You are only there physically, your brain is not there. All you are concerned with is your small business you want to launch. Now when your family has given you the green light in the form of time and space to start your business, do not waste any time, launch it.


After your business is up and running, it is now time to hire people to help you in the business and invest in technology that will make things easier and faster.


You must be weary of who you employ. Unless they have proved very reliable and hardworking, it is not advisable to employ family members. They think it is their right to be there and they could be operating as they like. This erodes discipline in the work place..


Yes, initially and doubtlessly a little business possesses the holder; yet once it flies, the manager can claim the business!

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Jide Omiyale



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