Small Business Success, How To Get It?


Small Business Success, How To Get It?

If you are a small business owner (it doesn’t matter what the small business is), you are without a doubt a self-starter. You don’t need or want a boss telling you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.
You like making your own decisions, and you have a great deal of confidence in your own abilities. If these things were not true, you would be holding down a nine-to-five job and drawing a paycheck written by someone else.
These traits are assets, but they can also be liabilities. You can be so sure that you can handle everything yourself that you find yourself working 20-hour days seven days a week.
You do it ALL yourself; advertising, bookkeeping, dealing with customers, ordering supplies, managing employees, making repairs, etc.
 I know it doesn’t sound quite right, but the fact is while it appears that doing it all yourself saves you money, it really ends up costing you more money, and it might even cause your business to fail. Why?
The answer is because you have failed to recognize that good use of your time is the largest single asset that your small business has.
Lots of things can cause a small business to fail; a lousy product, or a half-baked idea, for instance.
But one of the major factors for a small business failing is poor time management by the owner of the small business. It is of more value to the small business for the owner to be looking for new avenues of income for the business than to be spending time keeping the books or repairing the roof.
You can’t hire someone to make your business thrive. You will have to do that yourself. You can hire people to keep books, repair roofs, and even deal with customers but only you can make your business succeed and that is where your time needs to be allocated.
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