SUDDIK Against Ebola


You need a sound health to run a robust business.

Ebola virus has been in the news for all the bad reasons since Rawer, a Liberian brought the virus into Nigeria.

The Federal government, state governments have spent resources to combat this  virus that is both contagious and infectious do not spread further and consume us all.

during his crises we lost  Dr Stellar Adedovah, the medic who treated Sawyer and  man medical practitioners.

This virus has no cure yet, so the best you can do is to prevent it.

So, I was happy when I saw this video by a nurse in USA telling us how best to prevent Ebola.

Please do not allow Ebola to thrive. It is only when you are healthy that you can run your Business.

Please click this link to see how SUDDIK prevents Ebola.



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Otunba Jide Omiyale(MBA,FCIM)



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