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  • Suspension Of Walter Onnoghen – You Would Have Done Same.

    Suspension Of Walter Onnoghen – You Would Have Done Same.

    When you take an action, you take into consideration all the circumstances, social and political expedience, your environment, all available information and not some utopian situation that does not exist anywhere except in a dream.

    When it suits them, they talk about what exists in the USA forgetting that, that is a democracy that is more than 2 centuries old. They talk about a country that is monolithic, where more than 95% are educated and where most people respect and fear the law.

    Not a country where the Senate President’s rough neck led a team of armed robbers to snuff lives out of 32 citizens including 9 policemen only for the Senate President to come out to say we should stop crying, after all, he had paid 10 million naira which is more than the money stolen. We still clap for him.

    I don’t know the mathematical theorem that values life in terms of Naira and kobo.

    Not in a country where a senator brutalizes police officers and claim to sleep on a tree like a monkey for 11 hours, to later resist arrest for good 8 days and gives his terms to attend court. He goes on bail to make a video to insult the president.

    Not a country where more than 50 senators (more than half of our senators) abdicated their duty posts to accompany one of them on criminal charges to court.

    Not a country where a judge writes two judgments for the same case to give judgment to the higher bidder. And we looked the other way.

    More than 20 Years ago, retired Justice Esho’s committee had recommended this judge for dismissal but the Buccaneers who ruled us for 16 years would not budge. They were nursing him to turn black to white and make bread out of stone for them in their political battles.

    He didn’t disappoint. He was the man who did the judicial abracadabra that allowed Wike to dance on the blood of Rivers state people as the governor with a woman member of the court as the link person.. APC won at the lower courts while Wike ambushed APC at the Supreme Court. Wike himself was shocked at how powerful dollars could be.

    Akpabio openly boasted in court the outcome of the Akwa Ibom Guber-case at the Supreme Court which is now history.

    This is the man they want Buhari to allow to head the judiciary in a year that is expected to experience a deluge of political cases. Nobody commits suicide like that. Not even the one they call ‘clueless dullard from Daura’

    It is so easy to criticize and I have not seen a country with selective perception like Nigeria. They only look one side even as God gives them two eyes. A judge forgot to declare 55 houses and more than N900,000,000, own up to his crime and we are ready to overlook that and allow the lawyers to toss us around like a tennis ball in courts. No wonder his confirmation tarried for a while.

    This same guy called a meeting of NJC council for Friday 24/1/19 only for him to call it off when members were already on the seat because he knew that the council would probably suspend him for being on criminal trial as the council did to other judges on criminal trials before him.

    It shocks that nobody is asking why the CJ did not resign when he knew his integrity had been dented beyond repairs. This is what would have happened in saner countries.

    You do not treat appendicitis with drugs, doctors say you send the patients under the scalpels. A drastic situation deserves a drastic remedy. A senior police officer once told me you can break the law to maintain the law. So be it as it benefits us all.

    In Rwanda, their president closed down more than 6000 churches and mosques unilaterally in a day and the Rwandans are better off. Were that to happen here, you start hearing about freedom of worship, human rights, and constitution. Where have the millions of churches taken us?

    While the Chinese give his 9 years old a microscope, we give our own a microphone and yet we cannot eat 2 meals a day.

    Won ti sepe fun everybody.
    We will be on this same spot if we do not have a leader who is ready to dare it all.

    Buhari should take a medal for taking this decision when the rogue justice has refused to do the sensible thing. This is an election already lost and won but by this singular action, Buhari has opened up his flanks and it’s like the race is just beginning again. Only great leaders do that.

    The CJ had all the time to act reasonably but a black man is like the proverbial tortoise who will not return from a journey until he is disgraced. The CJ could not suspend himself; the president assisted him to do so. Chikena, why the noise?

    Those threatening hell should keep quiet. This house will not fall. As time passes more and more people will toe the line of reasoning.

    Justice Ayo Salami was callously suspended by GEJ; the Yorubas did not bring down the house.

    Leading national newspapers wrote editorials against that suspension as they are already doing now but GEJ refused to budge.

    Salami was on suspension until his retirement day, this too will pass like that as Walter Onnoghen retires in 2020.

    Ok, if Buhari violated the constitution by suspending Walter Onnoghen, happily enough, he has not abridged it. Friends of the suspended CJ should do better than Buhari and act constitutionally and seek help from the constitution.

    Let them approach a competent court.

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