The Marriage Of Rice And Okada And Fuel Stations


The Marriage Of Rice And Okada And Fuel Stations

I have always said that any young person who is unemployed in Nigeria only chooses to be jobless.

Our land is a land of opportunities as expounded in the mystery book I give as a bonus with my soaring away book, Profitable Small And Medium Businesses For Emerging Economies.

I only hope those who have the book are exploiting the opportunities there in and I also hope those who visit this site make use of the info here.

The only way to use it is to start a business or expand an existing one. These are the only things to make me happy.

Today I want to open up on a business idea I have given to some people which they have found invaluable.

The idea is not mine originally, I must confess. It is from Jimoh Ibrahim, the young business mogul from Ikale land.

We woke up one day to be seeing banks in fuel stations. That was the genesis of the business marriage between  Ibrahim’s empire and Oceanic Bank. Later we started seeing eateries in Fuel stations. I asked myself,  what can an average man do to tap from the fuel stations like these people. That was the birth of this idea.

Look around you, there are some fuel stations in busy intersections surrounded by Okada riders. There are also some very busy intersections without fuel stations. Both of these are good for this business.

The business is to be cooking Fried And Jollof rice and be selling from 6pm to 9pm and you will be selling to those going home in the evening  but the Okada people in particular. They are our main target but if others come, you will not refuse them.

I do not have to tell you that your rice must be very tasty. If it is not sweet, forget it.

Materials Needed.

You need a cooler to keep the rice warm.

Serving plates.

Take away plates

Two benches and two  tables.


Sachets of Pure Water

You can add mineral later.

Small Canopy  during raining season. If you are starting now, you do not need that.

  1. You get the approval of the station owner and this should not be difficult as you are not cooking there and you will be using electric table lamps to sell.

You will need to talk to the Okada chairman in the place to sell you to the boys. The  day preceding your take off, you prepare free meal for them and tell them you will be starting the following day.

Be sure to start the following day and never fail them. Start with small quantity and increase as the market progresses.


Financial Mathematics 

If you sell a plate for N150 and you sell   50 in an evening that is N7500 . Your profit cannot be less than N2500 and there are places where you will sell more than a hundred plates which gives you a revenue of  N15,000 and profit of N5000. If this is not business, then I do not know what is?


 Scaling Up. You can really scale this up by having more selling points. For this, you will need to employ sales people and you may need a small bus to take the food to the selling points and collect your money in the evenings.

To run 5 points is not difficult. You cook in one place and take off to distribute and start collecting from 9pm.

Profitability. Like all food business, this is profitable. Very profitable. Go read this. If you make N5000 in 5 places in a day, that is N25,000 a day. In a month you are talking of about   N625,000 for 25 woking days.

Ok let us cut it down to N400,000 per month and you say that is no money?

You say it is money and I call it, the marriage of Rice and Okada and fuel stations.

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