This Is Another Short Cut To Owning A Bank


As I write, I have a brother working for a woman in this business and she pays him N40,000 per  month.

If she pays that out, you can imagine how much she gets at the end of the month.

I must add that I cannot partake in this contribution thing as a means of saving as I prefer going to the bank, but my detesting it does not change the reality.

People do it and there is a large volume of money involved.

Good business you see. You take 3.3% of the contribution i.e. the first contribution of the 30 days in a month. If he contributes only once and no more, you take the only contribution.

Business cannot be better than that. Do you know some people contribute as much as N1000 per day and of course some as little as N50?

To do this business, you need credibility, ability to pay promptly and cheerful disposition.

Add to these, a biro, a register, a bag, printed cards where you mark their contributions and a bike if you are so disposed. Your customers are artisans, traders, and petty businesspeople.

Do not be fooled, these people move large volume of money daily.

The advantage of this business to you is enormous. Besides the direct commission, you can use the money during the month.

You can also lend the money to other people during the month on interest but be careful. The business also affords you the opportunity of knowing many people.

MARKETING. Word of mouth is the best. Set some people in motion to talk nice about you. When you have started, build on the reputation

.Use handbills and business cards. Pay promptly.

CAVEAT. Be honest with people’s fund. Be careful with it too, there are boys around who may want to steal the money off you.

Collect the money and go straight to the bank. There is the temptation to expand and employ hands but be careful.

There was one here some years back that was expanding seriously after huge radio promotion but the quality of the human resources could not cope, they killed the dream.

They collected money and did not remit to the office. With computer and present communication level in the country, it should not be difficult to build a foolproof control system,

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