Visa And MasterCard, How To Beat The Internet Rats.


Visa And MasterCard, How To Beat The Internet Rats.

Visa and MasterCard are the commonest virtual cards used by Nigerians on the internet.

But my experience as an internet marketer who sells on the Net is that Nigerians are scared of using their card to buy on the net. The reason is that they do not want to divulge their card particulars like pin no, security code, token numbers on the nets because of the internet thieves. And many of them are Nigerians.
Let me quickly add that, though Nigerian has her own size of internet rats but by no means are they limited to Nigerians. The whites too are into it. They hack emails and things like that.

About Visa and MasterCard, users need not worry as I have a simple way to beat them
Many of us have many bank accounts. Yes. You can even open two accounts in a bank with the knowledge of your relationship officer.
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What you do simply is to dedicate one account for internet purchases and internet purchases only.
This is how it works.
Suppose I have bank accounts with Wema and GTB. I can dedicate GTB for internet purchases. I will leave the chunk of my money in Wema and leave a little bit in GTB whose MasterCard I will be using. The frequency of your purchases and value will determine how much you leave in the account. As soon as it is down you replenish from the other account. Simple.
If you want to buy a high value item, transfer the cash there and pay for it immediately.
I do not make big purchases on the net apart from low value software, so I never let my internet account go above #10, 000 which will not kill me if the rats clean it off.
Some people suggest changing the pin always. Yes this may work but it is a bit cumbersome.

This my system is simple and effective.
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