When A Governor Becomes An Embarrassment To His State

South west map 1
South west map 1

As a pretender to be an Ekiti abroad and someone not brought up with eating pounded yam (Iyan) in Ekiti and one who should not be described as full-blooded Ekiti, Dr Kayode Fayemi pretends to be a TOKUNBO person. But he did his primary and secondary schools in Ekiti like his peers. He attended prestigious Christ School, Ado Ekiti but he has always pretended not to know how to speak a correct sentence in the Ekiti dialect, and always speaking ‘Obama’ English. What a fraudulent shame.

If Kayode had agreed to be truly Ekiti, he would have known the Ekiti saying: the fruitful days of Okra are limited. However luminous and fertile the ground on which it was planted, the fruitful days shall be over soonest. Like that of his corrupt siamiss twins, Ayọ Fayose, “Ila Fayemi ti so kari.


By October 16, 2022, he will begin to realize that in Isan, Ekiti, and in Nigeria, nobody respects Dr. John Kayode Fayemi but the offices he has been privileged to hold but which he has so misused and abused, which will soon leave him behind, however tenaciously he held on to the Oke Ayaba Government House.

Kayode, look at your back view driving mirror from where you’ve been coming. From your first arrival in Ekiti, when you came in with nothing. You were a complete parasite, waking, eating, living, and sleeping on the goodwill of others who you have turned your back on today as enemies.

When the Ekiti Governor’s seat was procured for you in 2010, you turned yourself to be lord of the minor. All the powers of the state became yours, and its commonwealth.

You suddenly fulfilled the truism of a powerful political axiom: “Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely (Lord Acton (1834 – 1902)).  Kayode, your sense of morality has been reducing as your immoral, powers increased.

The first traces of this was when you were earnestly seeking power and lied to the Ekiti people that you were a friend to President Barack Obama, the then very powerful American president, and knowing you were lying.

Even then and now, you cannot stay under the shadows of Obama. You merely just envied his position, powers, and authority-the most powerful president in the world.

To show that you are just ordinarily what they call you, JKF. In your attempted second term election, you suffered the worst electoral loss in Ekiti State. I was told you lost in your unit, ward, and all the local governments in Ekiti State. Later your defeat was christened 16-0.  That is the reward of your pride, arrogance and selfishness.

You find your way back to the presidency as a Senior Minister but you brought nothing to Ekiti State but only to your pocket.  Instead of sitting down and finding out why you suffered such a humiliating defeat in your attempted second term election, due to biting the fingers that fed you, you turned into a Yoruba son of a Fulani President to continue your betrayal, all to grab power again.

Good enough, your adopted dad, installed you back to Ekiti against all rules of morality including the rules, constitution, and guidelines of your political party.

To be the emptiest governor without achieving any good governance in any state, you were made the chairman of the Governor’s Forum. A position that turned you into a visiting governor to Ekiti State, maybe one’s or twice a month, when you presided over the Federal monthly allocations for the state and local governments.

While your wife was in charge of governance, you used the rest of your days galvanizing all productive days, hopping from one chopper or shattered jets to the other in an unholy display of the people’s money that you should have used to develop the state.

This is why at the end of your term; you did not know that roads coming in and out of Ekiti had been watched away. You had concentrated all of your attention on building an airport, which you will not find difficult to procure a private jet to fly in and out of Ekiti because you want to join the club of supper rich Nigerians after leaving office.

Kayode now suddenly realizes that his time is spent but not well spent. Though, he has grabbed the greatest chunk of the Commonwealth of the state. Where it was not enough, borrowers, were readily available at his beck and call and on whatever terms. Never enough, he quickly thinks of a fast one. A successor should be installed on the estate who will supply the new milk after all.

This part of exit strategy divided the family before he succumbs to her dictates. That is power of having a SHE in the house. A She who must always be obeyed.

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The family interests override in taking the final decision. The genius of election rigging put his brain at work. Twice he “won” elections, but there was no time he won with the ballot papers and boxes. It was never according to the errant rules, regulations, and constitutions guiding the elections. All that mattered were negotiations and how much he and she could raise and who they know to decide the result that matters most.

This is the confession from his mouth recently when he insulted the whole judiciary, judges and Justices who are handling and who may handle all the many cases against his anointed candidate saying: he has the judiciary, in his pocket. He said further that all electoral cases coming from Ekiti State will be decided according to his whims and caprices. That was when he called all the plaintiffs “entertainers”.

This is where Kayode missed it all. He’s has become a foolish clannish joker. The Nigerian Judiciary today, is a real defender of the truth and rule of law who would not turn themselves into sheep and rams with price tags in the political market. Unfortunately, times have changed, and circumstances have changed for him.

What Kayode has forgotten is that the guy who bankrolled his first governorship seat is no more his best of friends. All efforts to return to his good book have been rebuffed. Everybody knew that Kayode was not sincere in his purported withdrawal from the presidential dream recently.

The N100 million nomination form he bought during APC presidential primary was the beginning of his prodigal nuisances. He merely squandered Ekiti’s money on his miscalculated, misguided, and irresponsible ambitious agenda.

After his so-called open speech withdrawal for his ‘leader’ after years of treacherous misbehaviors, was neither appreciated nor was he accepted as the returned prodigal son for a campaign committee chairman for the South West. Then, privately he was crying “my dad, my dad, why, have you forsaken me”?


This time, he had deceived himself so ridiculously, thinking his Fulani “dad” would hand over to him. He is in another deceptive phase now. The make-belief that the Nigerian judges, Justices, and the judiciary generally are in his pocket as he has just boasted about his stooge and deputy fraudulent governor-elect.

Tell Kayode and his cohorts to just go from Ekiti State’s Government House. Their blood-stained hands from those who died in his 12 years in government (with another 8 years of co-destruction by a co-destroyer of Ekiti), will bring vengeance on them. The dead includes many unpaid pensioners, road accident victims, banditry and kidnapping, and some public servants who died of frustration and depression from retrenchments.

It is good radiance to bad rubbish. The good people of Ekiti State will not miss Kayode and his co-travelers. He has become a shameless embarrassment to Ekiti State, the Fountain of Knowledge.


Dr. Olugbenga Ojo.

For: The Ekiti Patriots.

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