Who Says Dry Cleaners Are Poor


My son did his NYSC in Bauchi state. Returning to Ibadan, he could not get a dry cleaner to meet his standard, meaning there is a gap to fill by superb dry-cleaning service.

Not only my son, I myself, am tired of my current cleaner. I am stuck with him because I do not have an alternative.

Again, meaning there is a gap. Even at that, this current dry cleaner, with his shoddy service, rolls a neat Honda car.

You can stand up, fill this gap, and make your money. There are many state capitals where only the big hotels provide dry cleaning services.

Bauchi township for one was like that until an NYSC graduate picked up the challenge. A Yoruba boy, he is giving the two top hotels a run for their money. Not only that, he is doing well for himself.

A Yoruba boy, he is giving the two top hotels a run for their money. Not only that, he is doing well for himself.

As I am writing, in Ibadan  it is N200 to n250 for a set of top and trousers for coloured fabrics, white goes for N200 and suits are much more.

Now dry-cleaning is not cloth washing. You have to learn it. There are different treatments for different fabrics and you have to learn about stain removal.

You may start without washing machines but you surely need industrial pressing irons and tables, washing bowls and space to dry the clothes. For superb service, a generator is essential.

MARKETING. As for marketing, use handbills and personal selling. Local press and radio will help. Old enough readers will remember Washerman at Ikeja and their press slogan in those days. “No wonder they keep coming back”.

That advert series was superb and will work any day. Take the service to your customers by collecting their clothes from the offices and homes and deliver them when due.

Your labour is cheap. Strong young school leavers can wash and press for you. Remuneration can be per piece or on

CAVEAT; Security and safety of the clothes is important. Do not mix up clothes, always tag them.   Appear cute, sick men do not teach health therapy. A dirty man cannot propagate dry-cleaning.

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