Why A Small Business Is Better


Why A Small Business Is Better

There is an old saying in the fight game: “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” The same thing is true in business. Those giant multinational corporations are industry leaders, all right.

But when they fall, they make a big crash, and they are slow-moving, slow-thinking, slow-to-change dinosaurs in the business world.

Small business has some definite advantages over those big multinational companies, and more and more people are beginning to see and take note of the advantages doing business with a small business provides for them.
You may have apologetically said to clients, “We’re just a small business.” It’s time to stop apologizing and start bragging about being a small business. You can point out that BECAUSE you are a small business that you:

Move faster:
Lack of speed is one of the biggest customer complaints that people have when dealing with big business. Small businesses can deliver goods and services faster and more efficiently that a huge faceless company ever dreamed of. Same-day service isn’t a fairy tale. It is reality.


Provide personal attention:
Hello? Hello? Is anybody there? Have you ever tried calling the customer service department of a large multinational company? After working your way through the computer system and sitting there on hold for an hour, your call is disconnected! What fun! Point out to your potential customers that they will never happen to them when they do business with your small business!


Make a decision NOW:
Have you ever tried to get a decision about anything from a big company? Does anybody actually MAKE decisions? Small companies have a huge advantage over big business in that the decision making is done by a single person rather than a group or a committee.


Design programs just for them:
Your solutions will not be one-size-fits-all, and you can point out to your potential customers that the camel is a horse as designed by a committee appointed by big business.


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