Why Fayose Lost This Election


Why Fayose Lost This Election

I swear there was no rigging in this election.

I also swear that there was no visible violence.

I affirm that money was used by both parties, yes real money.Some voters got as much as 10k.

I also affirm that some civil servants and teachers were asked to swear on oath that their  children perish  while living, should they (civil servants and teachers who surrendered their PVC to be photocopied) fail to vote PDP after collecting the 3k before the election and 3k alert on Friday preceding the election.

The Director of Eleka campaign organisation is a brother and he was all over the place in Efon on Saturday and nobody molested him let alone arrest him. If anybody of value was going to be harassed, it should this guy.

Yes, there was heavy police presence. 4 in my polling unit but by and large they were very civil and I even gave drink money to some of them .

Nigerians, this is the truth and nothing but the truth.

In Ekiti, if all results are in and you are leading without Ikere and Ado, pls do not jubilate. The two could turn the tide and these two PDP won. The moment Ado and Ikerefigure came in in the evening and Fayose realised the difference could not save the day he attacked and criticised the election in social media and went to the broadcasting station to announce a fake result.

Why did he not discredit the election when he voted earlier?


The truth is, PDP lost for these reasons.

  1. Fayemi matched them Naira for Naira unlike 2014

2.The Ekiti elites especially from outside decided to remove Fayose by all means not because of lack of performance per say but the fact that he was becoming a political nuisance disgracing us everywhere. Many came home to mobilise for APC.

3.His biggest undoing. Fayose’s brashness, greed and arrogance which made real politicians like Olamide Oni, Senators Rasaki, Adeyeye deserted him especially Adeyeye. Adeyeyes people voted Fayemi not becuase they liked him but because they hated Fayose for treating Adeyeye with disdain. The 5000 difference in vote in Adeyeyes local government was significant in this election.

Let it be known that 80% of civil servants and teachers voted PDP and this cannot be reasonably explained. These are the people being owned 9 months salary. When you ask them, they tell you a person owing is better than a person sacking. My friend teacher and his two wives with 5 children voted PDP and these were votes that should reasonably and logically go to APC. Fayose’s supporters are fanatical and cult-like.


Like my barrister friend said, Fayose is a political phenomenon and students of political science may need to study his art of politics.

Very tactical and streetwise, thinking miles ahead of his opponents but he fouls the political space with his actions and utterances.

These added to his non-performance, galls Ekiti elites.

The totality of these combined together to pull him down.

Adupe, ohun to nrun ti tan.

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