Why I Love Nnamdi Kanu So Much, Even more Than My Wife

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Nnamdi Kanu 1 620x400

Nnamdi KanuNnamdi Kanu is an enigma. With magnetic aura, the IPOB boss and future president of Biafra republic is after my heart and I have reasons.

My friend owns a small house in Oke-Oko, an Ikorodu suburb in  Lagos state.

One of his only two tenants is in rent arrears for 9 months and when asked of the rent; his answer was that he used the money to repair his room even without the consent of his landlord.

He should have said equip, because there was nothing to repair in the apartment. He just refused to pay.

The other tenant had locked up his apartment for upwards of 8 months without payment and not minding the psychological trauma he has put his landlord who is now more concerned about the safety of his tenant than the rent.

The two are Kanu’s people-very domineering and would always want to take over their environment without respecting the feelings of others.

Nnamdi Kanuwas told the late Sadauna of Sokoto, Alh Ahmadu Bello, former premier of Northern region once said that if you employed Kanu’s man in a big farm as a labourer, ten years after he would have become the manager sacking his superiors and filling the junior ranks with his people.

If you doubt me, go to Alaba and Ladipo markets in Lagos and any company headed by a Kanu’s man. At Ladipo market they even wanted one of their own to be the Baale.

What arrogance? What impudence? Can anybody imagine a Yoruba man heading Onitsha or Ariara market in Aba?

In Akure, Ondo state, the Eze ndigbo woke up one day to visit the Deji of Akure, the paramount ruler of Akure kingdom, not in a red cap but a beaded crown. An affront the Deji quickly rebuffed and repelled by dethroning the Eze and derecognizing the Eze title. I ask, what would have prompted an emigrant to contest the traditional supremacy with his host.

Only a Kanu’s man would do that. It is this their arrogance that is causing so much problem in South Africa. You sleep with their wives and call their husbands lazy drones. You are not satisfied with sleeping with their women, you have to insult their men as an icing on the cake.

Now read this written by  Ayekooto Akindele.

“When Tafawa Balewa was Prime Minister of Nigeria;

Chief of Army Staff was from SE
Chief of Naval Staff was from SE
IG of Police was from SE
Chief of Defence staff was from SE
Internal Affairs Minister SE
External Affairs Minister SE
Education Minister South SE
Many other key ministries to SE
Parliament President SE
Unilag VC from SE
University of Ibadan VC from SE
North resisted same at ABU!

Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu

Still there was dissatisfaction by Kanu’s people, the officers from the region killed this same Balewa!!!!

Out of all the most senior officers in Nigeria, Kanus men had 37, none was killed. 8 from the north, all of them were killed. 10 from the west, 2 were killed.

Then Ironsi imposed a unitary system of government on the country so that everything can belong to a region that snatched it!

Kanu’s men are not satisfied with less than all.

During this 1966 coup, Ahmadu Bello was killed in Kaduna, SLA Akintola was shot in Ibadan, Tafawa Balewa was killed along Abeokuta road and Okotiebo from Mid-West was murdered in Lagos. Somehow, the group assigned for the extermination of Okpara could not get to the East.

The three top politicians from Kanu’s country, namely Azikwe, Orizu and Okpara managed to escape. And some people did not see any ethnic colouration in this. Somebody told me Ibo means I before others.

The coup plotters claim they wanted to eradicate the “10 percenters” a euphemism for corrupt politicians. Now I ask, were Brig. Samuel Ademulegun, Brig. Zakariya Maimalari, Col. Ralph Shodeinde, Col. Kur Mohammed,Lt. Col. Abogo Largema, Lt. Col. James Pam Lt. Col. Arthur Unegbe  “10 percenters”

In all, 13 military and police officers and 9 civilians were killed and by providence no Igbo among them. Some providence https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1966_Nigerian_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat


It was the Kanu’s blood in Nzegwu that was at work. They wanted to dominate the army and thereafter the whole country. That was why immediately Ironsi took over, he suspended the constitution and decreed a unitary government which the Northerners are now using to roughshod the southerners.

It was a case of Igbo smartness going awry. We Yoruba’s have a say, if you are digging a pit for your enemy, don’t dig it too deep as you may very well find yourself inside it. Southerners are now in the pit dug by Kanu’s people for the rest of Nigerians.

At Iwo road in Ibadan here, the house building materials business is dominated by my brothers from the Kanu’s country.


Not that the Yorubas are so lazy or don’t know how to make money but somehow, the few who gave the business a try got their shops burgled severally until they closed shops.

As I am writing this, I doubt if there is a Yoruba man among the multitude selling building materials in Iwo Road. In retrospect, how many Yorubas in Ariara market In Aba?

On Nairaland Forum, Nigeria top internet portal, the Kanu’s people refer to themselves as “developers” They developed Kano, Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt and the rest of Nigeria.

They are right, unlike them, the rest of Nigerians are so accommodating. So, you have “developers” dominating Fege market in Kano, Alaba and Ladipo Markets in Lagos plus plumbing materials market at Coker, Orile Iganmu.

To them, the Yorubas are cowards and the Hausas are Lazy. To them, the Kanus people are the best gift God gave to Africa.

Before the war, the Eastern region civil service was filled up with Kanu’s people you would think the present Rivers,Bayelsa and cross River indigenes were not existing.

That was why their leaders supported the war to save them from the subjugation of Kanu,s people. This is the same Rivers Kanu wants with his 5 states,

Nnamidi Kanu was in Abakaliki yesterday. The media quoted a speech of 5 sentences made by him where he started all with I not bothering to acknowledge those who braved the rains to welcome him.

He will teach his enemy (Federal government) what they don’t know. When next he comes to Abakaliki, he will shut Ebonyi state for 3 days because Ebonyi is a Biafra state. What a braggart. Hitler could not have done better.

Nnamdi hijacked his boss’s Radio station and formed a parallel organisation because of personal ego and self aggrandisement. He is not ready to be under anybody.

He does not care what Ralph Uwazuruike thinks or feels all he wants is to be atop. To him treachery and perfidy are little matters, they are simply means to an end.

After all, the young soldiers from Kanu’s country who shot Lt, Col Pam were the ones who came to his house to eat food prepared by his wife. Nothing personal, na business.

He was offered the 5 Igbo states by the federal government while in Prison, but he refused, so he said. According to him, he will not be pacified if he is not given Benue and Rivers states in addition.

What an expansionist? He is in good company. His progenitor on Biafra overran the Midwest only to be stopped at Ore in Ondo state. They are not satisfied if it is not all.

This young man woke up one day to lambast Obasanjo and impugn Tinubu.  Both are old enough to be his father besides, one ruled this country twice while the other is the leader of the Yorubas.

What an insult and clear display of uncouthness and deficiency in good upbringing. For Kanu, any Igbo man who attends any church run by a Yoruba man is an imbecile.

This is a slap on all clergymen of Yoruba origin and this include such religious icons such as Baba Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo. Haba, this may be politics of self determination but even among thieves there is some honour.

By the time he becomes the president of his Biafra we will see where his “developers” will practice their profession when he has made enemy of every tribe.

Uzor Kalu

We heard Former governor Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia state negotiated his bail yet I have not read anywhere that he went to pay a courtesy call to the man.

No, he won’t do such a thing because doing so is tantamount to acknowledging Kalu as a superior. The guy has already seen himself as the first executive president of Biafra.

That is why he has been flouting his bail conditions on daily basis. Yes now, presidential immunity. What condescending overconfidence.

You see, Nnamdi Kanu is a true and genuine man with 100% blood of his people in his veins. Who would not like a man like this who is representing his people so well?

For being so full of himself, for being so self centred, for being so disrespectful of elders as to say he hasn’t gotten much of home training, for being so arrogant and disrespectful of constituted authority and for being so unrefined in language, I love Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader, president of Biafra.

I love him so much even more than my wife. Dolapo ma binu o.




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