Why Monogrammers Are So, So Arrogant


Why Monogrammers Are So, So Arrogant

I was at Mokala in Ibadan yesterday to put the logo of my school on the uniform of the new students. You see, I designed the uniform is such a unique way that you have the logo on he chest just like you have on blazers. They call it monogram.

This is the definition of mongoram by free dictionary
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a design of one or more letters, esp initials, embroidered on clothing, printed on stationery,etc

2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a design of one or more letters, esp initials, embroidered on clothing,printed on stationery, etcvbmonogramsmonogramming or monogrammed

3. (Clothing & Fashion) (tr; usually passive) to decorate (clothing, stationery, etc) with a monogram

4. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) (tr; usually passive) to decorate (clothing, stationery, etc) with amonogram


That is not the point this I am trying to make. I am not here to give a boring lecture on monogram, but how to turn this into a profitable venture for my friends here.

The best way to explain this business is to show you examples

images (1)images


Each time I took a job to this person, it was always 2 weeks before I collected the job meaning they always have a backlog because I know the monogramming does not take much time to accomplish.

They look too arrogant to me and  I tried to switch to another one, but what I got was even more annoying. I had to give them three weeks to collect my clothes back. And their shoulders were so high. They could afford to be so haughty because there are no competitors.

The meaning of all this is that there is a gap to fill here.  In Mokola axis, which is the printing hub of Ibadan, there are only two people I know doing this business and if 5 others spring up, there will still be enough for  them.

Make a research for this need in your area and you may be on the way to the gravy road. Now do not say there are no need for it. You can create demand. Sometimes people do not even know what they need. Introduce the business to school and you will be surprised how well it is received.


  1. Schools, universities for sure are ready markets so also are politicians.

Go see this page to understand what we are saying.


The good thing about this business is that it is not so expensive to set up. You can search for machines on the net and take some tutorials on the net or from practicing monogrammers.

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