Why You Should Not Leave Estate Management To Estate Managers


A friend of mine brokered the land for one of Mr Biggs sites and bought a tokunbo Pathfinder from that single deal. There is money in this business and the joy is that it is not regulated yet.

Estate management does not end with assisting people to get accommodation or offices. It includes acquisition and selling of land and buildings.

This business is a double edge sword that cuts both ways. You will make your cut from both sides. Usually you get a 10% commission from the owner and about another 5% from the buyer. You also make money from registration and transport fees.

All you need is an office in an open place and a signboard where people can see it while passing. Please make your office neat and presentable. If I want to transact a million naira business with somebody, I would want to assess the person and this includes his office.

For now, estate management is not yet regulated like law and medicine. However, with the boom, it will not be long before the Surveyors, both quantity and land coupled with the Estate management graduates cartel it. Get in now when it is easy.

There is never a dearth of customers as people are always looking for accommodation and offices. Nigerians abroad are looking for properties to buy; corporate organisations are expanding and would always need properties in commercial areas. Individuals want land to build houses or for buildings to buy outright.

One money spanning aspect of this business is to buy uncompleted buildings, finish them and sell them. You can make more than 100% profit but you will need a handsome amount of money to do this.

MARKETING. Properly located office, cute business cards and good service will propel the business.

CAVEAT. Be honest. Do not sell a plot of land to two people. Do not do as some, who collect money and refuse to deliver to their principal.

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