The Road Is Tough And Rough,You Will Self Sacrifice


Self sacrifice is the word. No baby without blood and no omelette without breaking eggs. The successful people forgo a lot of things to get to where they are.

If anyone tells you the road to the top is easy, do not believe him. It has never been and it will never be. Look at all the great
men in history; they made sacrifices to get to the top.

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Do not get me wrong. You are not going to be offering goats and rams in one fetish shrine but you have to make personal sacrifices to be anything worthwhile in life.

Money people can lend you, advice you will get, workers are there aplenty but one thing nobody can do for you is self sacrifice. And this is a vital ingredient to make the success soup.

Those who do nothing become nothing. If a woman wants to have baby, she must be prepared to lose blood. You cannot make omelette without breaking eggs. There are no two ways about it.

Even in Economics, they say you cannot have everything. You arrange your wants in order of priority or preference; get some at the expense of others.

They call it opportunity cost, I call it sacrifice. You have to forgo so many things to grow your business.

When starting off, you cannot afford to spend money like an established man. You cannot attend all parties and your spouse cannot buy all dresses in fashion.

If, for instance you are starting a beer joint, you cannot afford to be drinking like a fish; otherwise you drink yourself out of town.

Thomas Edison is arguably the topmost investor. He was reported to be working at his lab till very late on daily basis and was doing that till 74 years of age.

Nobody says you should not have a rest. As a matter of fact if you do not come apart you will fall apart but it is doubtful if Edison would be remembered so much as we do today if he had spent his time in disco halls.

self sarifice
self sarifice

Chief Obafemi Awolowo, first premier of western region and leader of the Yorubas once said that when his peers were busy following women of easy virtue, he was busy working at solving Nigeria’s problems.

Is it a wonder then that his name is still the most respected name in the history of the Yorubas. If he was busy running after wine and women he would not have made such impact. You have to give something to get something.

Dr Sunny Ojeagbese, the boss of complete sports and unarguably the father of Internet marketing here locked himself up for weeks to decode internet marketing.

During those weeks his wife was the only person to see him and only to bring his meals. That sacrifice has today produced many internet gurus in the country.

I can confess that the little I know about internet marketing I got through his seminars and the tutelage of the publisher of this paper you are holding, Kolawole Bisiriyu.

To make good grades in school, you sacrifice your sleep. To be a top athlete, you spend hours in the gym and on the field. For an hour delivery, the motivational speaker must have spent hours collecting his materials and even practising delivery.

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Sunny Ojeagbese, example of self sacrifice
Sunny Ojeagbese, example of self sacrifice

For Gods sake, you do not become a medic if you have not spent seven years in the university.

If you want to be a chartered accountant you write ICAN examinations and if you want to put on the wig you have to go to law school.

You do not do any of those without self sacrifice. You must have burnt a lot of candles in the night as they say; You must have shunned many night parties and outings. Chances are that you will lose friends along the way. These are necessary sacrifices and denials.

People want to ride jeeps without effort.

They want to live in mansions without corresponding input. That is why there are many internet rats spoiling the image of the country. It never happens. Something has to give.

This is the law of nature. You cannot reap where you have not sowed. You must sacrifice.

Go and learn from an average Igbo trader. He sacrifices a lot to grow his business. He sleeps in his shop when he can afford a room.

He cuts outings and shun ostentatious living. He buys a bike when he can afford a car and when he eventually buys one he buys a beetle when he has fund for a Benz.

He does all these to grow his business and before you know it the guy has shops all over the place. Go and do likewise

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