Tip 3: Stop Blaming Everything On Lack Of Capital.

People are poor not because they do not have capital for business. They are poor because, they are bereft of ideas and they lack drive.If you are thinking about having enough money before you start a business, you will never start because you will never have enough. As you are searching for capital, technology and inflation have eaten into your plan. The 200k you were looking for is suddenly not enough, you now need 250k and you start the capital search again.

The rule----Start somehow, somewhere.

One of my tenants was telling his friend how an amount of money was not enough to start a barbing saloon and that he had to look for more. I overheard them and shouted at them from my room. Young man, do not allow him to discourage you, go start anyhow. He took my advice and later sent me wine.

Listen: You do not need all the money in this world to start a business. Studies have shown that most successful businesses started small.

If you are around those people who say you cannot start a business without hundreds of thousands of money—LEAVE. They will kill your dream.Surround yourself with positive thinkers who absolutely crave a challenge. A challenge is what keeps you going and when you keep going, you keep making life easier and better for people and you keep making money,

Sunny Ojeagbese was a successful sports journalist with The Guardian Newspaper but was not satisfied. The drive in him wont allow him to rest. He wanted a business of his own. He sold his camera for N6500 and started a business.  Today he runs multiple companies including the soar away Complete Football newspaper.,

You can do better and We'll show you HOW we do that on the next page.

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