The Fulani Governor In Ekiti

Politics of Ruga In Ekiti

Fulani Herdsmen 1
Fulani Herdsmen 1

The Fulani Governor In Ekiti

If you speak a sentence of Fulfulde to Governor Fayemi, he would probably not understand a word of it, but the man is now more Fulani than El-Rufai and the Sultan combined.

The young man has just agreed to cede our land to the Fulanis and their cows, an agreement not signed by even Benue and Plateau states. Sometimes you wonder if there is a positive correlation between education and governance.


In times like this, I miss Fayose. With all his bravado and maverism, with all his sometimes-unintellectual utterances and carriage, he would not have ceded an inch of our land to anybody not alone the Fulanis.

But something baffles me in all this. Why are our elites and leaders mute on this? Am I missing something, because by now, I expect the cacophony to have gained a crescendo that would have woken the Fajuyis, Fabunmis and Adulojus of Ekiti  in their graves. Not even as much as a whimper from anywhere.

Let it be said clear and loud from the mountains. Ceding our land to Fulanis for National Livestock Transformation Plan is Ruga in another regalia. It will have only one end-disaster for Ekiti people.

It is tantamount to sending our unborn children to Fulani subjugation and slavery, for the Fulanis love only one tribe, the Fulanis. They are parasite which end up eating their hosts.

It has been proven time and time again, Fulanis have been nobody’s friend and they never will.

Their great grandfather waged Jihad war in Hausa land, planted their flags everywhere and supplanted all the village heads with Fulani men. Today, all the emirs in the north are Fulanis, lording it over the indigenous Hausas.


In Benue and Plateau states, they are killing the Tivs who own the land.

The strategy is the same everywhere they go. They come in as your friend and later turn against you through trickery and subterfuge.

The case of Afonja in Ilorin is a well-known case of backstabbing, which is enough for any Yoruba man to learn from.

If the governor is not old enough to understand how the Ilorin fiasco played out, he is certainly knowledgeable enough to understand the Zango kataf crisis of the nineties, which almost sent General Letwot to the gallows.

The Zango Kataf crisis in southern Zaria in Kaduna state was a classical case of using a man’s hand to slap him. The Aytap people will ever regret allowing the Hausas and Fulanis in their midst.

For my young readers, this is a synopsis of what happened.

The then Emir of Zaria, Dalhatu Uthman Yero, a Fulani man forcefully acquired a large portion of land in Mabatado called Zango Kataf with no compensation.

In 1966, emir Muhammad Usman gave the land to the Hausas and Fulanis as a market, but the market should not be used by the indigenes, the Aytap people, because wait for this, they are Christians.

Came 1992, the first executive chairman, an Aytap man, proposed to move the market to another location to accommodate the indigenes as well. The northern muslin resisted and killed over 60 people in the first violence.

In May 1992, the Aytaps threatened to take back their land from the Fulani/Hausa to which the northerners reacted by uprooting recently planted crops in Aytaps farms.

Eventually another round of killings erupted in May leading to loss of lives and properties

Fulani Herdsmen 1
Fulani Herdsmen 1

The government set up a tribunal which sentenced 13 people to death, including General Lekwort (retired) a leading light in Aytop. Interestingly, all the 13 convicted persons were Aytap even though they were freed in the end having spent some years in prison.

If we allow Fayemi to give our land to the Fulanis this is the kind on injustice and deprivement we are sending our children to. This is the killings, arson and rapes they will be subjected to.

When shahsha village in Ibadan, the abode of recent carnage, was founded, there was no single Hausa/Fulani man on ground. They gave the land to the indigenes as compensation when IITA acquired their land for research.

Before the Ibadans knew it, they trickled in with their tomatoes and onions, but today they have a Seriki Shahsa who claims to be more powerful that the Baale.

Recently a USA delegation went visiting the Hausa/Fulani head in Lagos without as much as saying hi to Akiolu, the Eleko of Lagos.

The history books are replete with Fulanis treachery and perfidy which makes me wonder why would anybody contemplate harboring them let alone giving them land in so small a state like Ekiti which is the 31st in size in Nigeria.

There is enough land in Niger state alone to accommodate all the slightly over 3million Fulanis and their cows. Gaduje said they should come to kano, but they refused.

Why are they forcing themselves on us in the south?

The Fulanis knew and know what they are doing. They want to dominate and conquer Nigeria but we will not allow them.

The real omluabis in Ekiti should join hands together and stop this Fulani governor in Ekiti. He should not be allowed to trade our collective heritage and future for his political ambition, which will soon disappear like a mirage.

Their cluelessness and nonperformance is legendary but with this their Ruga, their political fate is sealed in Ekiti.

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