Fumigation Business Is Like Robbing a Bank, Find Out Why.


 fumigation businessFumigation business is like robbing a bank. Follow me.

World Health Organisation says all buildings housing people must be fumigated at least once a quarter, meaning at least four times a year.

Now, if this were to be enforced you can imagine the volume of business fumigation of buildings is. Even as it is not enforced, there is still money to be made.

For sure, all eateries have to be fumigated, So also are Hotels, Guest Houses, Hospitals, Schools. Companies and so on. This is one reason why fumigation business is good business.

I tell you, you do not need any special skill. Get the necessary chemicals, mix them at the right proportions, get a spraying pump, an overall, a protective goggle and  a  glove, you are on. Come  to think of it, the chemicals are cheap. Yes, they are cheap and that is the secret of this job.

For a deal running to N100, 000, you may not expend more than N15,000 on chemicals and labour. People do not understand it, they think you are performing miracles and people respect miracles.

This business is elite business, so you prospect for customers in a place populated by well to do people. If you are connected enough to land retainership with big companies and organisations you have made it.

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Imagine, if you are the one fumigating UBA branches in your region. You and their managers will be on the same economic level I tell you. Some people have their roofs being eaten off by termites, add them to your list and you will smile.This is another reason why fumigation business is profitable business.

MARKETING: Personal contacts are important for the big jobs. Print business cards and use steel plates on PHCN poles and walls with a message like this;




phone number and address.



You may even start without an office. You can also use radio and local newspaper for adverts.

CAVEAT: When fumigating, think about the people. Do not overload and allow enough ventilation before you allow the people in.

 fumigation business
fumigation business

Fumigation is best done for companies during the weekends and for households when they are all out. Remember, whatever kills a rat will kill a man if inhaled or swallowed in large enough quantity.

Fumigating works like magic. The insects and pests are dead and off and your customer thinks you are a hero. Now, it does not cost much to get the chemicals that do the magic, that is why it is like robbing a bank.

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