How To Turn Church Into An Oil Well.


You laugh. I know some people will want to crucify me for this, but no regrets. My allegiance is to my readers and my conscience. My mission is to show you ways to make money and this is one of them. I am a Christian, but the truth is that the church churns out money. ‘

I am expecting some fireworks from fanatical Christians to attack me and this article. No matter how many and vitriolic they are, the position is no different. The way our economy lies prostrate, people are looking everywhere for hope and inspiration and the churches provide them. Most churches do not even provide the spiritual need, but they give people the hope of a better tomorrow. Some even stage seminars for business ventures. I am on all four for this. This site will support anything legit anywhere that promotes our economy. So let us go.

If you are endowed and trained, it is money spinning. Since this book is about businesses you can do, I will be remiss in my duty if I fail to include this. I do not have to mention names; you only have to go through the list of
Private Universities or the list of private jet owners to understand what I
Am saying.

Some people do not even attend any theology school before they start. I must say I do not subscribe to this. No matter how endowed you are, you have to be trained and probably serve tutelage. I call this bag carrying for
the forerunners. That is, you have to carry somebody’s bag be fore somebody carries your own.
To be fair, you cannot give what you do not have. You can learn under an established man of God if you do not want to go to a seminary. Whenyou graduate, work a bit with him, ask for his blessings, go and start your own. Do spiritual consultation and confirm that God supports you. It is a tough job even for the chosen. For every Sam Adeyemi, hundreds have fallen along the way. However, it rewards in two ways. You win souls
for God and win riches for yourself.

These days, you have to be very Knowledgeable to lead a flock as your
members are professionals. You have to be a pastor, an evangelist, a
Prophet, a councilor, a motivational speaker, all wrapped into one. It is a
tough job unless you want to swindle people and I do not have a hand in
that. The church gurus- Ajiboye, Oyedepo, Okonkwo, Abiara, Olowere
and others have come a long way and they have paid and still pay their
dues. They are deep in knowledge and spirit. I cannot say more.

MARKETING. Marketing a church is a vast field. I guess in years to
come, we will have church administration in our higher institutions. All
tools in marketing are used including free feeding. Signboard, radio and
Paper adverts, cards, billboards, flyers, mobile advert, indeed all
Marketing tools are used.

CAVEAT. Choose an anointed man of God you fancy and follow his
Steps. Do not cut corners and do not expect instant reward, as you may be
disappointed. Be faithful to your God and your sheep.



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