“It Can Be Done”.


“It Can Be Done”.

The world is full of pessimists. They would rather see the glass as half empty instead of half filled.
Everywhere you turn, every idea you throw at them, the answer is always, it is difficult. It cannot be done.
Do not listen to them because they are wrong, dead wrong..
The poet says “Beware of those who stand aloof and greet each venture with reproof. The world would stop if things were run by those who say it cannot be done”

The Wright Brothers

Wright Brotherss

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur flew the first airplane in 1903 in North Carolina. When they were doing the experiments that led to that plane, people called them craps.
Now, where would the world be today without airplanes? Airplanes had shortened distances so much that you can wake up in Kaduna and sleep in London the same day.


New Jersey Farming Experts
New Jersey Farming experts in 1797 refused the first cast iron plough claiming that it would poison the land and aid weeds. Can you imagine where Agriculture would be without machinery?
Surely, cutlasses and hoes cannot feed the billions of mouths in the world

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn bridge joining Brooklyn to Manhattan in the USA conceived by the Roeblings is indeed a miracle bridge. When it was being conceived by John Roebling and his son Washington in 1863, all bridge experts said it could not be done.
With self conviction they trudge on, but unfortunately an accident happened along the way that killed the father and left the son speech impaired besides the fact that he could not move.
He used his fingers to tap code to communicate to his wife what the engineers at the bridge should do. This he did for good thirteen years until the wonder bridge was completed.

Underground Train.
During the conceiving period of the underground train, German Engineers predicted that at 25miles an hour in the tunnel, the train would make people bleed and that passengers will suffocate.
In fact, they said that more mental institutes should be built to accommodate people who the trains would give mental problems. Today, underground tubes move people in the tunnels at staggering speed. If the tubes are down in London, the whole city will stop.
Forget about experts. Opinions are the cheapest commodities and in many cases, they are worthless.
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Shina Peters

Shina Peters
Shina Peters

Despite the early beginning of Shina Peters, the juju maestro in music, many said he could not lead a band because according to them he could not sing. Stick to the strings and leave the mic to another person,they said. He joined with Adewale to form Shina Adewale band.
The bond did not hold and they split. Shina Peters went solo because he believed that he could sing. Although he made many records with poor returns, he got his break in the early 90s with that chart buster of a record called Ace. In quick successions he made records that sold in hundreds of thousands.
Those days he almost ran King sunny Ade out of town. Like he said, the voice they said was not sweet became the velvet voice. Now, when they are talking of the top of the shelve juju musicians in Nigeria, Shina Peters is there with them.

Kolawole Bisiriyu,
If you ask Kolawole Bisiriyu, the publisher of this paper you are holding, and a host of sites, how many it- cannot-be- done advice he got while conceiving this idea, he would tell you they are many. They must have said no, it cannot be done. Not in Kaduna of all places anyway, but because he believes it can be done, you are able to hold and read this paper.

Have Vision
Vision is important for survival of people. A vision conceived in faith, sustained by prayer and fueled bythe words of God cannot fail. The holy book of the Christians says,” where there is no vision my people perish”
If you have a vision and why not, pursue it with a passion. A vision pursued with passion will succeed. Nobody has said you will not meet obstacles. When you meet them, jump over them or just bulldoze your way through them, after all you have to go through to get through.
While at it, believe it can be done, because it can be done and it will be done.
Otunba Jide Omiyale
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