Biography Writing Business In Nigeria Is Big Business


Biography Writing Vomits Money Like A Faulty Gaming Machine.

Is it Lucrative?

Biography writing is lucrative. It brings money promptly and in bags too. We are working on one factor.

Nigerians want to be celebrated even when they are just a little above mediocrity, not minding whether they have contributed anything to the society or not.

This is not to say that there are not those who deserve to be celebrated. Jesus, there are many as you shall see.
The Specialty.
The specialty of biography  writing is that you are not going to make your money from sales alone but also launching.

The first thing is to pick a principal, get his approval and you are on. You will obviously need to get information from his associates and so the approval may be in writing.

The joy is that your principal may even fund the iography writing. If your principal is a very marketable one, publishers may sponsor the writing.

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Likely Principal
Who are the likely principals? Your first choice are the politicians.

They need such books to boost their political standing whether they merit it or not. The businesspersons are also good materials.

We are not talking about businesspersons without offices. Generally, you would want to write on people with a network of wealthy people who are willing or can be easily intimidated to honor him.
The president for instance is a sure bet if you are close enough. The VP, your governor, his deputy, your senator, the assembly member, the king of your town.

Businessmen like Dangote, Femi Otedola, Jimoh Ibrahim, Osage, Subomi Balogum. Oviah, the former Zenith boss and now MD Transcorp, Onasode, Chistopher Kolade etc.

Any book on any of these will make you an instant millionaire if marketed the right way. For the latter group, such books will make money in launching and sales but the politicians are not likely going to fetch much after they have left office.
Perfect English?
Look, even if your English is not good enough, you can commission a good writer to do it for you. It is a matter of cash. As you will see elsewhere in this book, all you see in speech deliveries are not completely real.
The publishers are not new at marketing. Talk to the publishers and take advice from journalists. Titling the book captivatingly may yet be the greatest task you face in the writing.

Title do matter a lot, not only here but also any book you may find yourself writing. There have been instances where sales increased 1000% with just the title changed and the content intact.

Even if the book is not so good, it has to be titled captivatingly and marketed appropriately. The launching has to be properly timed and those invited must be given adequate notice and be constantly reminded until the d-date. Please pick your principal with care, one mistake and you get a flop.



 Biography Writing
Biography Writing

Get your facts right so you do not transfer your profit to lawyers. Pick your principal timely. I doubt if a book on Chief Obasanjo will attract much crowd today for obvious reasons.

On the other hand any one on Jonathan now will sell and may not fetch much when he leaves office. Books on Dangote or Siasia the eagles coach will be profitable because Nigerians love them.

If somebody writes a book sounding like “From N0.5M to 300 trillion Naira, the story of Dangote” I will buy the very day it is out.

The Big Three.


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