Horney Distribution Is Healthly And Profitable Business Anyday


Horney is a Gods liquid that has many therapeutic functions. Those who deal in it make good money whether locally or internationally.

From Igbeti in Oyo state, you will get genuine honey. Just get the genuine honey and sell to the rich and hospitals. Honey is medicinal and all of us need a tablespoon every morning.               

Honeycombs with spoonPlease   make   sure   the horney   is   not   adulterated,   otherwise   you   will   be compounding peoples health problem. Get to the farmers and buy directly from source. Let me tell you simple tests for pure honey.

It doses not attract ants. It does not wet paper. If you put horney on paper, it stays and does not spread. Insert a matchstick and strike the match, it must ignite. If it has been mixed with water, it will not ignite. Even if it stays for ages, it does not solidify.

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About every person is a potential customer. Convince them of the medicinal value and they will buy. I must confess that not everybody can afford pure honey at about N1000 per litre.

So do not waste your time talking to those in the D group of the economic ladder. As much as they need horney, they cannot afford it and there is nothing anybody can do about that.

Take your sample to health organisations and offices, especially those above 40 years. These are the people who need it more and those who are likely to be in the earning bracket to be able to afford it.

If you press properly, you may convince companies to buy for their executives to reduce their medical bill.  This is true. If the executives use horney daily, they will see the difference it makes on their health. I know because I use it.

Now, this should tell you something, that, you have to know honey and its uses properly before you can do well in selling it. A guy has written a book on the uses of honey going for about N1000.

You may need to get this book on uses of horney and  digest  it.  It  will  help  you  in  your  marketing.  In  any  case, marketers will tell you, you cannot market a product you do not know.


Product knowledge is the first and the most important thing about a product you want to sell. You have to know your product as you do your spouse if not more. I am now in possession of a report on 50 uses of honey. If you need it, I will send it to you free through e-mail.

MARKETING. Take advert in newspapers as you can sell by post using plastic bottles. Personal selling is equally important. If you have an office, support it with radio advert. Package professionally. People buy both the back and the inside. Get what I mean?

CAVEAT.  Please  do  not  adulterate  your  honey,  it  injures  peoples health. It is going to the stomach, so high degree of hygiene is important.

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