Boxing And Judo Expert, This Is How To Turn Your Art Into Money


Boxing and judo experts need not look for work, they can set up a gym.

If you hold belts in judo, you can start a judo school in your area. Self- defense is becoming more imperative in Nigeria.  Most of your students will be teenagers made up of students, artisans and park boys.

Do not limit it to boys as girls too need to learn martial arts to defend themselves from bullies. This means you may need a lady partner.

Of course, you should encourage those with the abilities to turn professional. Michael Tyson was discovered like this. You will need a big room, which may be one of the halls of the secondary school around you.

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Things like mat will have to be provided by you initially but practicing dresses, your students must provide. In an ideal place, you need running water but in Nigeria where do you get that? Instructors and student go home to bath.

MARKETING. You will need flyers to be distributed at schools and parks as driving apprentices like to learn self-defense.

A signboard in front of the school or place you are using may be necessary but do not obstruct your host signpost.

You can also advertise in a local newspaper if there is one in your place.

CAVEAT. You must have a way to know the health situation of your students. This you can do by giving them application forms to complete. The  forms  will  be  a  source  of  revenue  for  you.

People  with  heart problems do not learn Judo or boxing. Young people may be vengeful, ensure that there is no animosity between practicing students.

Tight discipline is necessary because learning is different from competition. Even in competitions, you do not compete to kill.

Please know the nearest hospital to you, should you need them. You can combine it with boxing.


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