Football Academy Sells, Try Making Money With It.


Football Academy sells here as Nigerians are crazy about football not with  all their retired stars-Kanu, Okocha and the new legs like Iwokobi.

Yes  football school. Boys  and  girls  will  pay  you  to  teach  them  the rudiments of football. I am not talking of football academy that will gulp millions.

To do this you yourself must have been trained in the art. You do not necessarily have to be a good footballer to be its good teacher.

Morinho, the former boss of the Blues, now in Inter in Italy is not known to have been a good footballer but he has established himself as a good coach.

You will also need equally capable assistants to teach physical education and different parts of football to have a football academy.  Make it for those aged seven to fifteen.

They will have to be graded according to their ages. Use the premises of a government school in your area. You will use their classrooms for the theory and their field for the practical.

The football we play in this country is natural and not text book football. Were we to add the theoretical part early enough, the whites will not be able to stop us.

football academy
football academy

All premiership clubs have youth clubs and there are football academies.

Those kids playing football on open plots do many things wrong and if only somebody puts them right, they would be better. This is the  essence of a football academy.

I prided myself a good footballer in those days but there was nowhere somebody taught me how to kick the ball.

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Nobody told me the effect of kicking with the inside of the foot and the outside.  Nobody told me the kind of exercises to do and the food to eat. A  football academy will teach these.

With schools like this, we will get there. As this business will compete for time with the students education, you will have to make do with the evenings and Saturdays.

As I always advise, add class to anything you are doing. Let them take registration forms, which they will have to pay for.

You must get a way to fence off those who are not fee paying and who would want to take free lessons.

 MARKETING. See   Judo/boxing. Go to schools and run adverts on local radio and newspaper.

CAVEAT. Their health condition is very important, Do not overdo it. Those with bad health condition should stay away. You may not be able to do medical examination for all, have it done one way or the other for those you suspect. Good luck.

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