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  • French Teaching Can Take You Far In Business

    French Teaching is lucrative as we are surrounded with francophone countries, many Nigerians want to speak French.

    Start a French language school; you will be surprised at the turn out. Let me tell you a story. Apart from the government French schools, I never thought there are private French schools until I ran into a guy at a joint.

    Circumstances made us sit on the same table and we started talking. He told me he was good in French and that he learned it for six months. To confirm, I asked him the French word for fish, which a friend recently told me. He promptly told me.

    Later, I asked him to make sentences in French, which he did. Ask me where he learned French of all places, Iwo road, Ibadan and I did not even know.

    Many products literature are written in French, drugs, electronics and so on. Add to this the fact that, all our neighbours in Nigerian are French speaking.

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    Therefore, to be able to speak French is a big advantage for you in those places.

    It is even said that French is the next most widely spoken language after English. To do this business you have to be proficient in the language or you hire a person who can teach it. Get a place, probably a room in a good location for a start. You will need a TV, a CD player and CDs;

    french teaching

    french teaching

    When you progress, you may need earphones and other gadgets you have in language labs

    .MARKETING: Run advert on the local radio and local newspaper. Also use handbills and posters. Charge reasonably and this you can do by learning from existing schools.

    If there is none in the city you want to serve, seek advice from outside. As attention is turning to China, teaching Chinese may not be a bad idea.

    CAVEAT. Deliver properly. Meet the target set for the students.

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