Vehicle Repairs Is Big Business, Find Out How


Vehicle repairs taking to the homes of the rich is big money.

Rich people are lazy, go to their homes and service their cars for them. This may not be limited to them alone. Mobile mechanics can make money, repairing vehicles that break down on the roads. Vehicle  repairs on the move is it

In England, there is AA company. If your vehicle breaks down anywhere on the motor ways, I can swear you will see them within the next 30 minutes. If they cannot fix it, they help you to the next place.

Do not tell me we have such company for vehicle repairs here, because the objective of those we have here is to tow while that of the AA people is primarily to assist to fix the fault.

Besides, I am saying you can make money not only on the road but also in homes, honing up their machines on wheels.

You will have to know and love cars. Major vehicle repairs problems you will not and cannot even handle in the homes but little ones like oil and plug change, you can do.

You can wax up the cars and even shape up the break system. Some cars get funny overnight for no reason, such as leaking clutch, this you can fix.

You will definitely need a vehicle for this, preferably a strong 4 wheels which you can use to tow vehicle when necessary. Yours is a one-vehicle workshop, so all your tools must be there and of course, small items like plugs, cables, belts, filters hoses and so on.

You will not be of much use as a mobile mechanic, if you have to travel 20 kilometers to   go and buy a fan belt of N200. Think ahead and anticipate,

This business can be run along side a motor mechanic business as customers will reach you easily on phone.

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The line must be a hot one for the business only. Well run, this business can grow to a behemoth such as AA example given above. I am quite aware you may not be able to handle  all  vehicles  therefore  you  must  have  contacts  to  refer  yourcustomers to.

You have not lost anything; do not be surprised he will call you again when in such trouble.

MARKETING: Brand your truck neatly carrying your workshop address. I am not confused; a mobile mechanic must have address.

Put a giant spanner on top to let people know immediately that these people are mechanics. Be in neat overalls, mechanics do not have to be so dirty.

To show you are in a different class, put on accident boots. Have business cards you give out to people and link with national union of drivers in your  place.

Before  you  know  it,  your  phone  is  ringing    non-stop. Introduce your service to Landlords associations of the well- to- dos. It is a novel idea; they may want to resist the idea but press on.

One or two satisfactory trials and you are on. Remember, were it not for the tenacity of purpose and perseverance of Prophet Mohammed (peace be onto him) there would be no Islam today.vehicle repairs




(we fix your vehicle anywhere anytime)

CAVEAT.   You  and  your people should not  tamper  with people’s property. Be  watchful, many people still move with large amount of money.

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Addendum. Last year an MBA young graduate made 12m in vehicle repairs and you know what, he learned from YouTube. Stay thereand keep complaining of no job.



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