Car Wash The Mobile Way, Is Quick Way To Make Money


Car wash is good business but what of  taking the business to their homes –  mobile car wash.

The vehicle s a unique piece of equipment with so many attachments. On the government side you have the vehicle inspection officers, FRSC, Police, Environmentalists and others living on the vehicle.

Now, as for artisans, they are legion- Mechanics, Painters, electronics man, Vulcanizers, spare parts dealers of different types, panel beater and so on.

Lets now  get to those who  make cars look gleaming all the time., the car wash-man.


We have discussed about  profitability of the car wash business but we want to talk about taking the business to owners in their houses. You do not need to wash yourself, just get boys and walk the p-hone. 

Those who own the security companies do not open the doors in the banks.

As a rich man, how would you feel, if a guy bumps up in your house or office, informing you he is there to wash your car? Now think about it. You do not have to burn fuel to drive to the car wash and better still, you do not waste time.

You are working, doing something productive or resting while your car is being cleaned up. It is called mobile car wash and I swear it will spin money for you.

You will need a truck and a big plastic water tank, which you put at the back of the truck. A 1000 liter tank is ok and you fill up as it is depleted.

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Of course, to it you have to attach  a long hose and nozzle to sprinkle the water.  Please  make  it  respectable.  Do  not  try  this  business  carrying buckets to search for water. You make it cheap and they will treat you just like that.

You need a branded truck, the tank and your labor hands that you pay daily or monthly, depending on your agreement.

Since you are taking the service to the vehicle owners, it is rational to charge higher than others. Watch it, do not overdo it. Charge what will make you and your   customers happy.

In addition to washing the cars, you can also add waxing to increase your earnings just as we recommend in normal car wash.

In places where they have public water supply, you can attach your hose and conserve your water.


You will need cute fliers and business cards which you will distribute in offices and estates populated by elites and middle class. These are the people who can afford to pay your charges.



We wash like new


Your assistants must not be light fingered, lest they put you in trouble.


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