10 Simple Businesses To Take You Through Polytechnic And University Education



Simple businesses out there but not all of them re suitable for students in higher institutions.

There are loads of commitments for you when you get to a higher institution, polytechnic, University or even College of Education. You will need to feed, clothes, papers to buy and write, books to buy, thesis to write etc,etc.

When things are tough a , you may need to get some extra cash to make live more comfortable.  No matter how much you are given, all of us need the little extra.

Besides, you may very well be starting a business that will take you from the employment queue after your NYSC. You may well be training yourself for the future

So which are the businesses you can do.


We all need to eat. In my ‘Businesses That Cannot Fail Even If You Want To’, food is no 1 o the list. You can establish  a small eatery , or cook special food for your peers. Porridge, for example, is not common and you can go to that niche. What of frying pork meat for them in the evenings. If you handle this well and be creative, you may be employing your peers.


What do you think about that? Two to three washing machines will do. You do not need a dryer and you will be making cool money from students, staff and even outsiders. You said students- yes some are rich and lazy that they may pay people to go and pee for them.

Telephone/Computer Repair

Phones and computers everywhere with almost everyone carrying one or two or three. They will get spoilt and they will have to be repaired. Why don’t you learn repairs of phone and computer and earn some cash.

With all the sophisticated phone, iPodsads, tables and computers  and their pervasiveness,  repairing them from malfunctioning becomes a business. There must be ready clients.

Blogging For money .

Start a blog and write on a thing you are knowledgeable about. Done properly, this may very well grow to an octopus. You can start a blog on the town where your university is situated. For example,  if you attend OAU Ife, you can start a blog on Ife or Osun. There are millions of niches out there. Health, money making, child rearing, sex and love  are markets that are never saturated. Remember the world is on your laptop and Google does not discriminate with its adsense revenue provided the site meets their requirements

Affiliate marketing.

You  can start promoting fast moving items on the net and earn commission in Dollars. I can give you a crash course if you don’t mind. The niches I mentioned are very lucrative when done properly.


The girls and boys need to look dandy. Why would you allow them to take your money outside. Start a barbing and hair -dressing saloon in the campus or just outside the campus. Just yesterday, somebody told me there is a current hairstyle for ladies costing more than 40,000


 simple businesses
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The naira is weak now and importation may not be so good a business but when naira picks up you can make loads of money importing low-priced items for the campus community. If you do not know the rope, I can show you.

Social media.

You can use your Instagram account to promote good. What of making video and post free on YouTube to promote goods. You do not need a costly camera, a god cell phone is ok. There are cheap online software you can use to make fine videos. If you do not know abbot this, I do and I can show you. You can make money from the no of views on your video on YouTube.

Read the book that made many rich

Football House.

Nigerians can die for football. So set one up. You can add PS and so on.

Betting Franchise. Open a betting shop after getting the franchise and employ somebody there. You will be making cool money

Business Center.

Start a business center to type thesis, assignments, printing, scanning and photocopy. There is plenty money here. This service will also be useful to visitors to the school.

Building Sandals.

Learn how  to make slip-ons and sandals.  Almost everybody owns one or two. I am not asking you to go repair shoes. No, construct it and make money. You can even put your products on Conga. Just be creative.simple business

Thesis writing.

If you are brilliant and versatile and in the second-degree level you can help write academic papers for students and even seniors. I know a guy who sponsored his masters with income from writing thesis and papers.


If you are targeting distinction, 1st class or even second class upper, I do not advise you to combine business with your studies. Talking from experience. You cannot serve God and mammon. Unless you are one of the very tiny group of geniuses, it is not easy to combine business with studies and make a  1 in Any course in the A grade universities.

All you need to take off in simple business

The above are just view of tons of businesses you can do in school



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