Motor Bike Stunts Can Stun You With Money


Motor Bike stunting can fetch real money if done properly.

What I see Okada riders do with their bikes baffles and thrills me at the same time. If only these talents are harnessed and organised, they could be turned into money.

Think about it, for them to be doing those amazing stunts without them being properly trained means they could do scary stunts when tutored and organised. After all, people go to circus and I have seen people paying to watch rams fight in this country.

Now, do not tell me it cannot be done because it has never been done before. Whenever a thought like this comes to your mind, just remember inventors like Edison.

motor bike stunt
motor bike stunt

Remember also that water had been there before Gbadamosi started  bottling Ragolis  in  Ikorodu and  somebody started packaging  water  in  N5  sachets,  Today,  you  have  Eva,  Gossy  and hundreds of pure water outfits. Yes, it may not be easy but then nothing happens without effort.

Gather five gifted and interested Okada people together and introduce the idea to them. Let them know they will make money and get fame.

Nobody does a thing for the sake of God, they do things because of what they will get or gain. ( Put that in your head as you progress in business.) Start training with the assistance of a trained police rider and you are on.

When you are proficient enough to hit the road, hire a big place and send your flyers and posters out.

You do need a big fenced place. Where will you get that you say, I say look for it, after all Musicians like King Sunny Ade and 2Face  play to large audiences. Ok, go to your local radio or TV station.

They can even collaborate with you and take up the publicity. Now, do not take on the whole country at a time. You eat an elephant in bits so start with your local government before you take your motor bike riders around.

More Profitable Ideas

Nigerians like entertainment and young guys doing unbelievable stunts on a Saturday evening will surely entertain. Before the real deal, you can entertain your spectators with cultural dance and a comedian or even a magician.

You still think I am dreaming. If you do this properly in places like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano and do not make name and money, kill a dog for me I will eat it.

MARKETING. Your posters and flyers must carry a photograph of a stunning stunt to attract people.

Do a rally round the area with a motor bike rider giving them tips of what to expect.

Wet their appetites and you will see how they troop to your show. Local radio and press will be of assistance.

You may also invite wealthy personalities to donate to increase your revenue.

Do a research on how circuses are organised and do a similar thing.  Government approval? I do not think this necessary for now.

Go ahead, you are breaking a new ground, the government will need you to set up regulations and control.

CAVEAT. Your motor bike  riders have to be insured and make sure that your spectators are well secured to prevent accidents. Do not allow your riders to try stunts you have not mastered. Practise, practise and practise.

For a 20 minute musical, the musician has practised for months. No short cut.

First aid is necessary in case of accident.

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