Transportation Business Moving Raw Food Is Big Business.


Transportation Business Moving Raw Food Is a business many people overlooked and some are making a kill with this business..

I have to deal with this separately from transportation because people tend to think transportation stops with commuting people and thereby neglecting  a  veritable  source  of  moneymaking.

The  experience  of  a person close to me also accounts for part of the reason to deal with this separately.

A motor mechanic was not doing so well in his trade but he had a fairly good truck he packs. I advised him to use the truck in the mornings before coming to his workshop to move foodstuff from the market.

He made so well for himself in this transportation business of moving raw food that he had abandoned bolts and nuts and spanners. You cannot blame him, with two trucks; he goes home with about N8000 a day as long as Bodija market opens.

People are making real good money in this business. People have to eat and the food has to be brought from the major markets before they are broken down.

Have you not seen those rickety vehicles loaded to the hilt in the mornings?

Do not be fooled, those people make good money. Making N10,000 a day is not uncommon and this they make with two or three trips.

You may think they are dirty but when they pay their children’s’ fees, the School Principal does not see the dirt.

As for me, I prefer transportation business moving  raw food  to sweeping roads in Europe, after all, this is my country.

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Well, to get in, you will need a truck, a drivers licence and registration with the driver union in your market of interest. To perform well, you will need to understand the geography of the town.

If you are not so good yet, you will learn with time. Be patient with the women, they will show you the road until you become a master.

transportation business
transportation business

MARKETING. Let your vehicle be neat all the time. Dress well and be humble to the women and officials on the road. You will stand out and it will show in the volume of business you get.

CAVEAT: Drive with care and make sure your vehicles papers are ok. Do not mix business with pleasure, as you will be dealing with women. Do not look for your meat where you are getting your bread. Transportation business moving raw food could be fun.

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