Food Business Will Always Be Good Business Idea.


Food Business Will Always Be Good Business Idea because we all have to eat even during wars(God Forbid)

Let me tell you the four businesses that will always bring money… Food. Education, Entertainment and Transportation (FEET). People have to eat and many are lazy to cook and many do not have time.

See the tons of money Mr Biggs, Tantalizers and others are making.  What of the mama put you patronize? Do not be fooled, food business is big business.she makes cool money, real cool money.

You can start small but please and please, your food has to be tasty. I know a graduate in this food business riding a car after 3 years of   opening shop. Of course, he does not take his car to his canteen.

I also know a woman who was driven by hunger to Lagos from Ibadan. In Lagos, she was introduced to food business. Selling for only three hours from 6pm to 9pm, she now owns a plot of land in Lagos.

How many years? Just two. Do not let them fool you, food sellers make money.

Now you are educated. Get involved and do it better.

As I said, you have to make delicious dish. If you cannot, forget it or hire good hands and to make a tasty food you do not have to be a female.

Men can be very good cooks as many food competitions in this country have confirmed.

Your fund will determine your level of entry. For a graduate, I will expect you start with a shop in a busy place. University or Polytechnic campus, Court and registry premises, Motor parks, Markets and so on.

When you search, the situation of the place will tell you if it is ok or not. With a shop, get some tables and chairs to sit, may be eight or ten people at a time.

Freeze your water with ice blocks if you cannot afford a fridge. In any case, even with a fridge, you may still need ice blocks when PHCN people do their thing.

You will also need a gas cooker or a big stove, serving plates and cutleries.

The price you charge will depend on the people you serve, what you serve them and how you serve them. Study your competitors and do things differently and better. Give people what they want. That is the secret of food business.

You must buy your raw food cheap to be able to make good profit.  Butchers can sell on credit for you to pay in the evenings or the next day.

See the book that made many rich

With good management, you cannot fail and feeding for you and your kids is like free but not really free, as you have paid for it.

I will advise you specialise, if there are many general food sellers in your area. Porridge for instance sells well but not many people make it. Good and rich pounded yam will sell any day.

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The problem is that people cannot take the trouble to do it well. I remember when I was in Zaria, Kaduna State, I used to travel from Samaru to Sabongari to eat Pounded yam and the distance is more than 10 kilometers .People will always go for good products.

MARKETING: In this business, location is very important. Have a signboard in front of your shop, Neat workers with neat overalls. Courteous service is important. When your customers enter, ask after their families and business. Say your good bye cheerfully and mean it. Make all your customers feel important.

CAVEAT:  Do not compromise high degree of hygiene because this is food going into the stomach. Get you materials for the soup fresh.

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