Cloth The Rich And Be Rich


I told you somewhere here, rich men do not have time but they have money. Clothe them and be rich.

Bankers do not know a thing about buying. I tell you, they buy N1000 shirt for N3000. Most of the time, it is the price they buy not the stuff. I know because I have them around me.

I know one who will not wear a shirt lower than N4000. it doesn’t matter to him if it is only worth N2000. We should not blame them though, as they do not have time. It is not onlythe bankers who dress well, so get into the blue ships and clothes their executives too.

All you need do is to have a supply of exclusive stuff that will not be seen all over the place. You will also do well to get the designer stuff such as St Michael, Gucci, Vanhausen, etc for them and add your own margin.

Right from your home you can service your clients. As you grow, you may decide to have a shop. By then you will be doing two businesses, a boutique and mobile executive clothier.

Please you do not have to limit yourself to clothes. You are clothing them if you sell shoes, belts, ties, cuff-links and even pants.

It will not be wise to combine both lines, so concentrate on either male or female line. .If the materials are not readily available in your place, you can travel to Lagos to get the stuff. You must be sure the extra cost is passable to your customers.

This business has the advantage of little capital outlay. No shop and little overhead.

MARKETING: This is more of personal selling. You need to dress well.

CAVEAT:  They will buy on credit, you cannot escape this but you can be sure they will pay because they are well paid and have integrity to protect.

I do not advise you sell to lower levels civil servants, as you will have problem to collect your money. I do not wish to offend anybody but that is the result of my findings.

The credit sale part of this business has to be watched carefully; otherwise, you will end up a loser. Secondly, you must look dandy. If you want to clothe me I would want to see, what you are putting on but do not overdo it.

Please do not restrict this to bankers alone. Some companies pay more than the banks e.g. communication service providers. I am repeating this, because those I know in this trade concentrate only on bank workers as if others do not exist.



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