Poster Pasting And Flyers Service Business In Nigeria.


Poster pasting and flyers service business in Nigeria is lucrative when done properly.

I once tried to paste some posters on my own, it did not take me 30 minutes to find out it was not a job for everybody.

I am therefore not surprised that the business is booming. It has to, with politics and religious groups all over the place struggling for people’s hearts.

This is one reason why poster pasting is good business.

This business  of poster pasting does not need special skills or education, except that you have to be streetwise.

For poster pasting, you must know the terrain, the culture and the geography of the area to be covered.

Your customers are legion. The churches, the mosques, the filmmakers and their distributors, the musicians, the politicians, the government at all levels, schools etc.

You must of course have a respectable office where they can call on you easily.

Normally, your charges  for poster pasting will depend on the quantity, the area to be covered and where.

Price in Lagos per thousand will be different from that of Asaba for obvious reasons.

You will definitely need labor who will help to distribute and paste, whom you will pay per copy or per day. In this business, you must set up a control system to stem the practice of dumping fliers without pasting.

 poster pasting
poster pasting

You will have to drive round to check or send ghost inspectors. You must sensitize your workers to the effect that your success depends on the success of your clients and therefore they must do an honest job.

Confidence in a person does not preclude control, even with the talks, still work your control.

MARKETING: Big road banners  and posters across busy roads and posters will do. Having secured a poster pasting job, please do it well.

CAVEAT. If you have collected money from a man, do his job and do it well. Do not dump his materials.

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Otunba Jide Omiyale(MBA,FCIM)



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