Streamlining Your SME


Streamlining Your SME

I was in a corner shop the other day to pick up some stuff. The place is run by two men. One asked if he could help to which I replied yes telling him what I needed. He showed me their collection and I made my choices and paid. That was the end of the good story after that the tales changed.

He went to figure what to pay using sales receipt, writing the items in long hand, listing the price for each item. Of course he had to do all this so as to post her ledger in the evening. After all this he used an old calculator to check his additions and rang up with an old cash register that must have been used my Mango Park.

Now. Imagine using 5 minutes to pick my items and spending another 10 minutes to pay. No, it should not be like that. People need to be patient, but then, few will not run out of patience for this kind of treatment.

SME has to keep with technology and time so as to be streamlined and competitive. You cannot afford to continue in the old ways just because they worked then. Things have changed and you have to change and move with time.

Laundries, Bakeries, Spare parts sellers Mushin, electronics sellers at Alaba, Pharmacies, must all invest in some product-scanned software that will check their inventory. Tell them when to reorder and what quantity. They need to do away with the old cash register and calculator and get into the 21st century. Streamlining is the word.

I have a good example of a small business in Ibadan here where this principle is well appreciated.  This guy deals on rods, pipes for construction. Just about 5 or six in his office, but hey have streamlined the accounts. Tell he guy what you want and you get your receipt from a computer-cash register in a jiffy. Conversely, there are bigger businesses here not embracing this.

Come to Gbagi market and you will understand what I mean. Let them go and streamline.

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